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Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

quality systemQuality system

* Products through the authoritative certification and quality management system.
* Prevention and control by engineering design before production.
* Strict production process control.
* Perfect product quality system.
* The test includes AOI and electrical 100% test.
* High voltage / Impedance / Micro section / Solderability

   Thermal shock / Reliability / Insulation resistance test, etc.

Quality Policy:
Take the quality as the main cheking point, starts from the detail, the manufacture high-quality products, provides the satisfied product and the service for the customer.

Quality Target:
- Punctual delivery rate: 100%
- Production perfect rate: 98%
- The inspection rate of finished products:  99%

Service Target:
- Customer satisfaction: 99.9%
- Customer complaint/return rate:0.5%/0.5%
- Customer Complaint Handling:
- Action time: within 1 hour; Processing time: within 4 hours

Document Examination:
Conduct detailed engineering inspection of customer information, solve

problems in time and put forward reasonable Suggestions.

Product Inspection:
- Incoming material inspection - qualified warehousing, unqualified return
- Tooling Jig test - send to relevant departments qualified, rejected return
- Production process inspection - the product of each process is qualified before   

  entering the next process, and the patrol inspection control is added

Acceptance Standard:
- IPC-A-600G Standard(

- IPC-6018A(High Frequency Board acceptance standard);

- GJB326A-96(The Military Standard)

Certification system