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The Characteristics of High-Frequency Board
2019-06-13 22:44:14
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The Characteristics of High-Frequency Board:

(1) The dielectric constant (Dk) must be small and stable, usually the smaller the better. The signal transmission rate is proportional to the square root of the material dielectric constant, high dielectric constant is likely to cause signal transmission delay.
(2) Dielectric loss (Df) must be small, which mainly affects the quality of signal transmission, the smaller dielectric loss, the signal loss is also smaller.
(3) The thermal expansion coefficient should be close to copper foil as much as possible, because inconsistencies in the hot and cold changes will cause copper foil separation.
(4) low water absorption will affect the dielectric constant and dielectric loss when be damp.
(5) Other heat resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, peel strength, etc. must also be good.


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