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What is Blind Buried Hole PCB,and difference between Blind and Buried PCB?
2019-07-04 14:39:48
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Let's start with traditional laminates.The standard multi-layer circuit board structure is composed of inner and outer layer, and the inner connection function of each layer circuit is achieved through drilling and metallization.However, due to the increase of line density, the packaging method of parts is constantly updated.In order to allow the limited circuit board area to accommodate more parts with higher performance, in addition to the thinner line width, the aperture is also reduced from 1 mm of DIP jack aperture to 0.6 mm of SMD, and further reduced to less than 0.4mm.However, it will still occupy the surface area, so there are buried holes and blind holes.

Buried holes and blind holes are defined as follows:

A. Buried Via:
The through hole between the inner layer, after pressing, can not be seen, so do not occupy the outer area, the upper and lower sides of the hole are in the internal layer of the board, in other words, buried in the board.

B. Blind Via:

Applied to the communication of a surface layer and one or more inner layers, one side of the hole is on the side of the board, and then passes to the inside of the board.


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