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High density specification correlation of FPC board
2020-09-11 17:02:13

The products of most FPC enterprises are traditional flexible circuit boards (FPCs), which are mainly composed of three layers of PI plastic film, wiring agent and copper oxide. Many FPCs will fully consider the temperature, so they have estimated a lot in the design scheme, and also pay attention to the oxidation resistance. Other characteristics of FPC flexible circuit board with glue include: the thickness of the board can be reduced, which is consistent with the trend of lightweight development; the residual content of chloride ion after etching is reduced, which reduces the migration of positive ions, and also endangers the long-term credibility of the strips. The high density of the FPC solution after heat treatment is very easy to cause.

Using the "sputter plating / electroplating process", the thin rule 312 copper thickness can be considered in the production process of ipcb flexible circuit board. However, in order to achieve the overall target of FPC production, we must get rid of the investment in machinery and equipment projects and production technology.


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