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HDI PCB technics capacity
No.ITEMDescriptionData &    Model
1MaterialBrand SY、ITEQ、KB、NOUYA
2HDI Construction  1+N+1、2+N+2、3+N+3、4+N+4、5+N+5、6+N+6、anylayer
3Construction order N+N、N+X+N、1+(N+X+N)+1
4Layer 1-40Layers
5Min Pattern Width /    SpacingUnit:mil2/2
6Min Mechanical    Hole  Unit:mm0.15mm
7Min Thickness of Core    Board Unit:mil2mil
8Laser Hole Unit:mm0.075mm- 0.1mm
9Min thickness of PPUnit:mil2mil
10Max diameter of resin    plug holeUnit:mm0.4mm
11Electroplating to    fill holes Can do it.
12Electroplating to    fill holes sizeUnit:mil3-5mil
13hole    pile pad/hole pile hole/pad hole(VOP)milCan    do it.
14The    distance from the wall of via hole to the patternmil7mil
15Laser    drilling hole accuracymil0.025mm
16Min    BGA pad center distancemil0.3mm
17Min    SMTmil0.25mm
18Plating    hole-filling sagmil≤10um
19Back    drilled/countersink hole tolerancemil±0.05mm
20Through-hole    plating penetration capacityRate16:1
21Blind    hole plating penetration capacityRate1.2:1
22BGA min PADUnit:mil0.2
23Min Buried    Hole(Mechanical Hole)Unit:mil0.2
24Min Buried Hole(Laser    Hole)Unit:mil0.1
25Min Blind Hole(Laser    Hole)Unit:mil0.1
26Min Blind    Hole(Mechanical Hole)Unit:mil0.2
27Minimum    spacing between laser blind hole and mechanical buried hole Unit:mil0.2
28Min    Laser HoleUnit:mil0.10(depth≤55um)、0.13(depth≤100um)
29MinBGA    pad center distanceUnit:mil0.3
30Interlaminar    alignmentUnit:mil±0.05mm(±0.002")
   The distance from the    wall of via hole to the pattern