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Standard PCB

Standard PCB techanics capacity
No.Item-Double/Multi    LayersDescriptionData and Model
3Surface    treatment HASL    lead-free,Immersion Gold、OSP、Immersion Tin、Immersion Silver、Plating    Gold、Plating Tin、ENEPIG
4Selectivity    surface treatment ENIG+OSP、ENIG+G/F、Flash    Gold+G/F、Immersion Silver+G/F、Immersion Tin+G/F
5Solder    mask color green
6Silkscreen    color White,yellow,black
7Max    board size with 2Lmm2000*500
8Max    board size with 4L,6Lmm570*850    or 1150*430(Exceeding 570MM shall be reviewed)
9Max    board size with more than 8Lmm570*670    or 980*430(Exceeding 570MM shall be reviewed)
10MiN    board sizemm0.5*1.0mm(thickness≤0.5mm)、1.0*2.0mm(thickness≥0.5mm)
11Min    outline tolerancemm±0.05mm(Laser    Routing) 、±0.1mm(Mechanical Routing)
12Board    Thicknessmm0.13-8mm
13Double    side board thicknessmm0.13-3.6mm
144Layers    board thicknessmm0.30-7mm
156Layers    board thicknessmm0.6-8mm(6L)、0.8-8mm(8L)、1.0-8mm(10L)、1.0-8mm(12L)
16The    tolerance of board thicknessmm±0.1mm(thickness≤1.0mm)、±10%mm(thickness>1.0mm)
17Min    Drilling hole sizemm0.075-0.1mm(Laser)、0.15mm(Mechanical)
18Single    Max Drillingmm6.5mm(Drill    Bit)
19Max    Drillingmm50mm
20Min    PTH tolerancemm±0.05mm、±0.075mm
21Min    NPTH tolerancemm±0.05mm(Limitation+0、-0.05mm    or +0.05、-0mm)
22Min    hole tolerancemm±0.075mm
23Max    Drilling tolerancemm±0.1mm
24Slot    hole mm0.5-6mm
25Min    slot hole lengthmm1.0mm
26Slot    hole aspect ratiomm1:2
27Min    slot hole tolerancemmSlot    width、±0.15mm
28Min    slot hole tolerancemmSlot    width direction±0.10、slot length direction±0.15
29Countersink    hole angle & size Big    hole82、90、120degree、dia≤10mm
30Countersink    hole angle & size PTH    & NPTH、Big hole angle 130degree、The dia of the large hole is not greater    than 6.3mm
31Min    pattern width / spacingmm0.075mm/0.075mm
32Pattern    width tolerancemm±20um
33Min    padmm0.15mm
34FR-4    PP 106、1080、3313、2116、7628
35Mult    press blind buried hole production Press    on the same side≤5
36Max    bore diameter of pad hole plug holemm0.4    Multi press blind & buried hole board
37Min    thickness of inner mm0.05(none    blind buried hole)、0.13(blind buried hole)
38Min    innermil3(18um    base copper)、4(35um base copper)、≥3mil
39Inner    layer treatment Brown    Oxygen
40Min    inner pattern spacing(105um base copper、after compensation)mil5
41Min    inner layer pattern spacing(140um base copper、after compensation)mil7
42Min    innner layer pattern spacing(18um base copper、after compensation)mil3
43Min    inner layer pattern spacing(35um base copper、after compensation)mil3.5
44Min    inner layer pattern spacing(70um base copper、after compensation)mil4
45Min    inner layer pattern width(105umbase copper、before compensation)mil5
46Min    inner layer pattern width(140um base copper、before compensation)mil7
47Min    inner layer pattern width(18um base copper、before compensation)mil3
48Min    inner layer pattern width(35um base copper、before compensation)mil3
49Min    inner layer pattern width(70um base copper、before compensation)mil4
50Min    outer layer pattern spacing(105um base copper、after compensation)mil6
51Min    outer layer pattern spacing(12、18um base copper、after compensation)mil3.0(18um)、2.5(12um)
52Min    outer layer pattern spacing(140um base copper、after compensation)mil7
53Min    outer layer pattern spacing(35um base copper、after compensation)mil3.5
54Min    outer layer pattern spacing (70um base copper、after compensation)mil5
55Min    outer layer pattern width(105um base copper、before compensation)mil8
56Min    outer layer pattern width(12、18um base copper、before compensation)mil3.5(18um)、3(12um)
57Min    outer layer pattern width(140um base copper、before compensation)mil9
58Min    outer layer pattern width(35um base copper、before compensation)mil4.5
59Min    outer layer pattern width(70um base copper、before compensation)mil6
60Min.spacing    from pattern to pad, pad to pad for outer layer(after compensation)mil3(12、18um)、3.5(35um)、5(70um)、6(105、140um)
61Min.outer    pattern and spacing with blind/buried holes plated many times(>=2 times)mil3.5/3.5    (before compensation)
62Min    distance from inner layer edge without copper leakagemil10
63Min    inner layer isolation widthmil8
64Min    inner layer isolation ring width(unilateral)mil8(≤6layer)、10(≥8layer)
65Min    single side width of inner pad(none blind buried hole)mil4.5(18、35um、Can    be partial 4)、6(70um)、8(105um)
66Min    single side width of inner pad(laser hole)mil3
67Impedance    tolerance%±5Ω(<50Ω)、±10%(≥50Ω);≥50Ω可±5%                                                   (need to evaluate when it requests)、
68Min    BGA pad diametermil7mil
69Min    pad diametermil12(0.10mmMechanical    or laser drilling)
70Min    hole copper thinckness(none blind buried hole)umaverage    25、min single point≥20
71Min    hole copper thinckness(blind buried hle )umaverager    20、min single point≥18
72PP    thickness(min)um0.075(only    H oz base copper)
73ENIG:    gold thicknessum0.025-0.10
74ENIG;    nickle thicknessum3-5
75Immersion    silver.silver thicknessum0.1-0.3
76Min    HASL LeadFree/pure tin thicknessum0.4
77Gold    Finger:gold thicknessum0.25-1.3(The    required value is the thinnest point)
78Gold    Finger:nickle thicknessum3-5
79Flash    Gold: gold thicknessum0.025-0.10
80Golden    finger chamfer Angle tolerance ±5°
81Golden    finger chamfering margin tolerancemil±5
82Min    gold finger lengthinch2
83Min    distance  between gold fingersmil6
84Gold    finger next to the TAB does not hurt the min distancemm7(Means    automatic chamfering)
85Long    and short gold finger Can    be combined with various surface treatments
86Surface    treatment for long and short gold finger Immersion    gold;Flash gold
87Immersion    tin:Tin thicknessum0.8-1.5
88Electroplate    hard gold thickum0.15-1.3
89Flash    Gold: nickle thicknessum3-5
90Max    borad thickness of mechanical drilling 0.10mmmm0.60
91Max    borad thickness of mechanical drilling     0.15mmmm1.20
92Max    borad thickness of router bit     0.25mm mm5
93Bow    and twist capability limit%0.1(need    to evaluate when it requests ≤0.3)
94Max    Dry film sealing slot  5mm*3.0mm;More    than one side of sealing hole15mil
95Min    unilateral width of dry film sealing holemil10
96Max    diameter of dry film sealing holemm4.5
97Min    width of solder mask opening mil8
98Min    solder mask thicknessum10
99Min    S/M bridge widthmil3(green)、5(other    color)(base copper≤1OZ)(base coppe2-4OZ、All in accordance with the 6mil)
100Min    unilateral width of solder maskmil2.5(Allow    local2mil)
101Min    solder mask opening (sing side)mil2(Flash    gold local 1.5、other allow local 1)
102Max    diameter of ink plug hole(both side)mm0.65
103Thickness    of solder mask ink through hole coverum5/8
104V-CUT    Angle specifications 20°、30°、45°、60°
109V-CUT    Symmetry tolerancemil±4
110V-CUT    Angle toleranceo±5°
111V-CUT    Residue thicknessmil±4
112Blue    glue white mesh plug hole max diametermm2
113Min    single side of blue cover pattern or padmil2
114Max    diameter of blue plastic aluminum plug holemm4.5
115Min    isolation between blue glue and padmil12
116Min    single side carbon cap patternmil2
117Min    isolation between carbon and pad mil8
118Min    isolation between carbon and carbonmil12
119Min    gridding spacingmil5(12、18、35    um)、8(70 um)
120Min    gridding widthmil5(12、18、35    um)、10(70 um)
121Min    silk width and height(12、18um base copper) width4mil;height:23mil
122Min    silk width and height(35um base copper) width5mil;height:30mil
123Min    silk width and height(70um base copper) width    6mil;height:45mil
124Min    isolation of silk and pad mil6
125Min    test on resistanceΩ10
126Min    distance from test point to edgemm0.5
127Max    test currentmA200
128Max    test voltageV250
130Min    test padmil3.9
131Min    etch logo widthmil8(12、18um)、10(35um)、12(70um)
132Outline    tolerance(edge to edge)mil±4(Complex    outlin and inner grooves with this requirement shall be reviewed)
133Min    inner angular radiusmm0.4
134Depth    control slot hole(edge)or Blind slot precision(NPTH)mm±0.10
135Special    tolerance requirements for board thickness(No interlayer structure    requirement)mm≤2.0±0.1;2.0-3.0±0.15;≥3.0±0.2
136Max    ratio of plate thickness to hole 20:1(not    inclue≤0.2mm diameter、more than 12:1 shall be reviewed))
137Min    hole diametermm0.45
138Outline    method Routing,V-CUT,Stamp-hole
139Min    router bit diameter of outlinemm0.6
140Min.    distance from hole to trace(Not blind/buried holes)mil6(≤8layers)、8(≤14layers)、9(≤28layers)
141Min.    distance from hole to trace (blind / buried holes)mil9(Press    one time);10(press two times or three times)
142Min    distance from hole to trace(Laser drill, 1 or 2-step)mil6
143Min    single-sided width for via hole pad of outer layermil4(12、18um)3.5、4.5(35um)、6(70um)、8(105um)、10(140um)
144Min.    distance without copper exposure when outline routingmil8
145Maximum    insulation resistance(for test)100
146Hole    resistance test board thickness limitmm0.38-5.0
147Hole    resistance test aperture limitmmmin:0.62mm、max0.25mm
148ionic    soilug/cm2≤1
149Copper    stripping strengthN/cm7.8
150Resistance    weld hardnessH6
151Resistance   94V-0
152RCC    materialumcopper    foil:12,resin:65,100um(complete55、90um)
153Thkickness    of blue gluemm0.2-0.5
154Min    carbon pattern widthmm0.5mm
155Hole    resistance test aperture limit