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Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB techincs capacity
No.ItemDescription Data and Model
1FPC    Main materialBrandtaiflex、graceth)、SY
2PCB    MaterialBrandSY、ITEQ、KB
3TextureTexture    BrandPI、  PET
4Cover    FilmBrandtaiflex、graceth、SY
5Max    LayersLAYER1-14layers(sample)、1-12layers(manufacture)
6Finish    Board thicknessmm0.25-6.0mm(samplel)    Rigid - Flex PCB 0.25-6.0mm
7Min    Pattern Width / Spacingmm0.05mm/0.05mm
8Max    finish board sizemm230*450mm
9Finish    Board thickness tolerancemm±50.05mm
10PP    Thicknessum12.5um    、 25um  、 50um
11Copper    thicknessum12um    、 18um 、 36um 、 70um
12Stiffener    materailVarietyFR4/PI/PET/SUS/PSA
13Surface    treatmentVarietyENIG、Immersion    tin、OSP、immersion silver、plating gold
14Min    hole sizemmMechanical    Hole  :0.15mm 、Laser Hole0.1mm
15Hole    tolerancemmNPTH:±0.05mm    、PTH:±0.075mm
16Cover    film colorVarietyYellow    、 Black
17PI    thicknessmil0.5mil、0.7mil、0.8mil、1mil、2mil
18Max    number of layers of FPCB 1-8layers
19Min    finished sizemm5mm*8mm
20Min    padmminner    layer(5mil)、outer layer(4mil)
21Stiffener    min sizemm4mm×5mm
22Stiffener    max sizemm32mm×32mm
23Stifferner    alignment accuracymm±0.075mm
24Cover    minimum openning sizemm0.6×0.6mm(steeling    tooling)、0.5×0.5mm(Precision tooling)
25Minimum    openning spacing for covering filmmm0.5mm(Precision    tooling)、0.2mm(Laser Routing)、                   0.15mm(Normal drilling)
26Coating    film overflow amount(unilateral)mmNormal0.08-0.12mm    、 Limitation0.03mm
27Min    diameter of gold finger semicircle holemm0.25mm,Normal    value0.3mm
28Rigid-Flex    PCB:Peel-off strengthN1.4N
29Rigid-Flex    PCB:PlanenessumLess    than 15um before baking; less than 30um after baking
30Rigid-Flex    PCB:thermal shock288℃(3    times within 10 seconds)
31Rigid-Flex    PCB:W/B gold wire pull strengthg>    6g
32Rigid-Flex    PCB:min.board thicknessmmFPCB    0.1mm、4Layers 0.3mm、6Layers 0.5mm、8Layers 0.6mm、10Layers0.8mm