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smt earphone factory: SMT patch welding process
Electronic Design
smt earphone factory: SMT patch welding process

smt earphone factory: SMT patch welding process


  Headphones are an indispensable tool in our daily entertainment. It allows us to listen to any information, music, and video that we like in a private way in noisy places, bringing more happiness to our journey. Headphones are loved by everyone because of their compact size and thinness. However, did you know that in the process of headset processing, it will go through three welding processes before it can finally become the headset we use. What are the three welding processes? Below, the smt earphone processing factory will briefly share with you.

   One, wave soldering process

  This soldering process mainly uses SMT steel mesh and adhesives to firmly fix the electronic components on the circuit board, and then use wave soldering equipment to immerse it, and solder the circuit board in the molten tin. The biggest function of this process is to realize double-panel processing, and the process can be used to further reduce the volume of electronic products and achieve high-precision and high-density processing. Small electronic products such as earphones, data cables, and chargers that we use every day are reduced in size through such a process.

pcb board

   2. Reflow welding process

The solder paste is printed on the electrical pads of the components through a qualified SMT stencil. In this process, the PCB printing method used is missing printing. It is necessary to master the density and speed of the solder paste to avoid over soldering, false soldering, empty soldering, etc. Appear. In addition, after the components are fixed, they must be melted and circulated again with a reflow soldering machine, so that the components can be more fully attached to the circuit board and avoid displacement or falling. It can be said that, The reflow welding process is a very simple and fast process. It is a commonly used welding process in smt earphone processing plants.

   Three, laser reflow welding process

   is roughly the same as the reflow welding process. The difference is that the laser reflow welding uses a laser beam, which can heat the welding part in the shortest time to make it melt and flow. After the laser beam is over, the solder will solidify again, and finally a relatively strong welding connection is formed. This method is well received by SMT processing plants including smt earphone processing plants. It is very fast and highly accurate. It can be regarded as an upgraded version of the reflow welding process.

  In the SMT patch processing process, there will be many key and important technological processes, which affect the quality of the product and need to be paid attention to. However, for smt earphone processing plants, this kind of process is mastered by them, and there will be no major problems. Therefore, cooperative enterprises do not need to worry. However, if it is an electronic company that does not have a fixed partner manufacturer, it is best to find a professional, formal, strong, and experienced SMT manufacturer to cooperate, not only to ensure the quality, without production worries, but also to ensure the final quality of electronic products, so , When choosing an smt earphone factory, you must choose a professional and regular one.