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Electronic Design
EasyEDA software design PCB schematic diagram step by step
Electronic Design
EasyEDA software design PCB schematic diagram step by step

EasyEDA software design PCB schematic diagram step by step


Are you new to PCB board design? Whether you are a beginner or need reliable software to try your ideas, you can benefit from EasyEDA.

It is a free PCB design software, we teach you step by step how to use it. Read on and find out why EasyEDA is easy to learn and why it has become a favorite among users all over the world!

Ease of PCB design

Have you considered what type of printed circuit board you need? Do you have a perfect design, and you only need a tool to turn your wishes into reality?

The acronym EDA stands for Electronic Design Automation, and EasyEDA is a tool that helps you quickly and easily design the PCB you need.

Even if you do not consider a specific design, this software is very suitable for you. It will allow you to try different layouts without paying a penny. The program is free, you can run it online or download it.

EasyEDA is the perfect PCB design software for beginners. No matter what effect you want to achieve with your circuit board, you will find that this tool is a convenient solution for your design.

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How to use EasyEDA to design schematics

EasyEDA logo.jpg

Do you want to learn how to design a schematic in a few simple steps? Check out this detailed EasyEDA tutorial to see how easy it is to use the software!

Step 1: Choose how to use the software

EasyEDA provides you with a choice between online and offline modes. If you want to use the software immediately, you can run the online editor within a few seconds. Otherwise, please feel free to download desktop clients for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The core functions of the software will always be free. However, if you choose to subscribe, you can get many useful additional benefits.

Step 2: EasyEDA-Start a project

After opening EasyEDA, you can start to process the schematic diagram.

First start a new project:

EasyEDA-start a new project

Then select an option to start processing the new schematic:

EasyEDA-Create original schematic diagram.jpg

Step 3: EasyEDA-Place components

You will find selected components to be placed in the architecture on the design. Setting a symbol on an item involves clicking on it in the menu and then placing it on the item.

 EasyEDA-Place components

Feel free to browse the library containing many components distributed in various categories. Users can also choose to search for specific elements. All you have to do is enter what you want to find.

EasyEDA-Search for specific components

It's time to choose a resistor. After selecting from the library, add it to the project.

EasyEDA-add a resistor

Note the design manager on the right side of the screen. If you want to delete a component, you can do it easily by selecting it and pressing delete.

Step 4: EasyEDA-add components

The next step is to connect the resistors and components. Just press the "W" button on the keyboard. This will open a wiring tool that will help you connect everything:

 EasyEDA – Join components

We have now prepared the schematic, and we should convert it to a printed circuit board design layout. See where you can find the following conversion options:

EasyEDA-Conversion Schematic

After the conversion is complete, the screen will prompt this:

EasyEDA-complete the conversion

Step 5: Complete the process

You should now place the required components within the edge of the PCB. Select them and use the PCB tool to connect. It all depends on how you want to connect the components, but here is an example:

If you click on the photo view, you can see what the layout looks like:

Another useful feature of EasyEDA is the inclusion of solid copper on the top layer of the circuit board.

Are you satisfied with the design? If the answer is yes, please go ahead and save it.

Tip: You can also view this video tutorial posted online.

Advantages and disadvantages of EasyEDA compared with other software

EasyEDA provides some great features, but is it the most reliable solution? Can it win the KiCad VS EasyEDA battle?

Compared with other software, here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of this software.

EasyEDA-Advantages This tool is very easy to use and suitable for beginners.

A huge component library allows you to draw schematic diagrams quickly.

You can download desktop clients for Windows, Linux, and Mac. But if you don't want to install it on your PC, you can also run a free online editor with the same functions.

EasyEDA allows you to import schematics and other files from KiCad, Eagle and other tools.


• It is a relatively new software, not as old as KiCad. However, it has recently received the attention it deserves.

How do users rate EasyEDA software?

The best way to check the quality of a program is to see what existing users think of it. Below is a small selection of feedback provided by EasyEDA users.

We came across an EasyEDA review that emphasized the simplicity of using the software. The learning curve is short, and you should understand how things work in a few minutes.

Another user pointed out the importance of the component database built by the community. Thanks to this, you may encounter some unique components of this database, and you will not find them anywhere else.

Finally, users also like the fact that EasyEDA supports multiple platforms. Whether you want to use it on different versions of Windows, Mac or Linux, you can. You can also take advantage of an online editor and store all data in the cloud.

After the design is completed, it can also be shared with other users.

Order your PCB

In addition to keeping you in charge and letting you design the PCB boards you need, EasyEDA can also achieve simple ordering in just a few minutes.

This is why you should order from EasyEDA:

Professional staff with many years of business experience.

An expert who can track your order down to the smallest detail.

The most advanced equipment can handle any complex design.

Provide affordable prices for all users.

EasyEDA-how to place an order

You can place an order for your printed circuit board by visiting the EasyEDA website. First, create a free account on the website and log in. If you are using a desktop client, please log in with the same data.

Next, select the manufacturing output:

The PCB design software will open a page on the EasyEDA website. From there, you can place an order and use the affordable price provided.