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What is the corrosion process of PCB Circuit Board?

PCB Circuit Board is widely used in electronics, computers, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, and other industries, it is the support body of components, mainly used to connect components to provide electrical, among which the most common and widely used are 4 layers and 6 layer PCB board, according to the industry application can choose different degrees of PCB board layers.

Corrosion process of PCB board:

The etching process of the printed circuit board is usually completed in the corrosion tank, the etching raw material is ferric chloride, the solution (FeCL3 concentration 30%-40%) is cheap, the corrosion reaction speed is slow, the process is easy to control, suitable for the corrosion of single and double-sided copper-clad plate.

PCB Circuit Board

Corrosion liquid is usually made of iron trichloride and water configuration, iron trichloride is a yellow solid, also easy to absorb water in the air, so it should be sealed and preserved. Configuration of ferric chloride solution generally uses 40% of the ferric trichloride and 60% of the water, of course, more iron trichloride, or with warm (not hot water to prevent peeling paint) can bring to the attention of response speed faster ferric trichloride has certain corrosion resistance, try not to touch the skin and clothes, reaction vessel with cheap plastic POTS, put the circuit board is good.

The PCB board should be corroded from the edge. When the copper foil without painting is corroded, the board should be removed in time to prevent the useful lines from being corroded after the paint falls off. At this time with clean water, by the way with bamboo and other things to scrape the paint (then the paint from the liquid out, easier to remove). If it is not easy to scrape, just rinse it with hot water. It is then dried and sanded clean to reveal shiny copper foil and a printed circuit board.

The treatment method of printed circuit board corrosion after printed circuit board corrosion, but also the following treatment.

1. To the film will be washed clean printed circuit board into hot water soak for some time, you can be coated (paste) of the film, not cleaned place can be cleaned with diluents, until clean.

2. Remove the oxide film when coating (paste) film peeling, to be dried printed circuit board, cloth dipped in detergent powder on the board repeatedly wipe, to wipe off the oxide film on the copper foil, so that the printed circuit and pad exposed bright color of copper so far.

It must be noted that when wiping copper foil with cloth, it should be wiped in a fixed direction to make the copper foil reflect the same direction so that it looks more beautiful. Clean the polished printed circuit board with water and dry it.

3. To weld easily, ensure the electrical conductivity of the PCB circuit board and prevent corrosion, after the printed circuit board is made, a layer of flux should be applied on the copper foil of the printed circuit board to prevent oxygen.