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Application fields of Rradio frequency PCB
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RF PCB(radio frequency PCB) is widely used in many fields, such as television, radio, mobile phone, radar, automatic identification system, etc. The term RFID (radio frequency identification) refers to the application of radio frequency identification signal to identify the target.

radio frequency PCB

radio frequency PCB

RFID applications include:

● etc (Electronic Toll Collection)

● identification and tracking of railway rolling stock

Container identification

Identification, certification and tracking of valuables

Objective management of commercial retail, health care, logistics services, etc

Access control management

Animal identification and tracking

Automatic locking of vehicle (anti-theft)

The main application fields of radio frequency band are as follows:

1. Satellite communication and satellite television broadcasting

*DBS direct broadcast system

*C band: 4 / 6GHz, downlink 4 GHz, uplink 6 GHz

*Ku band: 12 / 15GHz, downlink 12GHz, uplink 15GHz

*Inter satellite communication: 36GHz

2. Microwave relay communication

*Main line microwave: 2.1GHz, 8GHz, 11GHz

*Branch microwave: 6GHz, 8GHz, 11GHz, 36GHz

*Rural multiple access: 1.5GHz, 2.4GHz, 2.6GHz

3. Radar, meteorology, ranging and positioning

*Radar remote alert: P, l, s, C

*Precision guidance: X, Ka

*Weather: 1.7 GHz, 0.1375ghz

*Vehicle collision avoidance, automatic charging: 36 GHz, 60 GHz

*Anti theft: 9.4 GHz

*Global Positioning: 1227.60mhz and 1575.42MHz

4. Radio astronomy: 36GHz, 94GHz, 125ghz

5. Computer wireless network: 2.5 GHz, 5.8 GHz, 36 GHz