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What is high frequency PCB and what are high frequency PCB indicators?

15 years of high frequency circuit board manufacturing experience has made ipcb a leading manufacturer of this technology. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) multilayer circuit, Rogers PCB material, using hybrid materials (FR4 and PTFE) to design and manufacture high-frequency circuit board have become the standard technology of ipcb.

ipcb has been working closely with our material suppliers (Rogers, Taconic, neltec, etc.) for a long time. The engineering team of ipcb is equipped with trained high-frequency circuit board developers, which can help you choose the appropriate structure or design of high-frequency circuit board.

high frequency circuit board

high frequency circuit board(high frequency PCB)

What is high frequency PCB?

High frequency electronic equipment is the development trend, especially in wireless network. With the rapid development of satellite communication, information products are moving towards high-speed PCB and high-frequency PCB. Therefore, the development of new products always needs to use high-frequency PCB substrate, satellite system, mobile phone receiving base station, etc. these communication products must use high-frequency PCB.

Index of high frequency circuit board.

1。  DK should be small and stable enough, usually the smaller the better. High Dk may cause signal transmission delay.

2。  DF should be very small, which mainly affects the quality of signal transmission, smaller DF can reduce the signal loss accordingly.

3。 The coefficient of thermal expansion should be the same as that of copper foil as much as possible, because the difference will lead to the separation of copper foil during the change of cold and heat.

4。 In humid environment, water absorption must be low and high, which will affect DK and DF.

5。 Heat resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance and peel resistance must be good.