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Machinability of Rogers ro4000 series PCB materials for ETC system RSU antenna
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ETC non stop system includes RSU roadside unit and OBU on-board unit. RSU is generally set up near the toll gate of expressway, and its main function is to locate and detect OBU equipment.

In order to improve the positioning accuracy of RSU to OBU, the new generation of RSU adopts phased array radar positioning technology. The RF transceiver part of RSU is designed as phased array antenna, which requires high loss factor, dielectric constant and thickness consistency of PCB material. Rogers, the world's leading supplier of high frequency circuit materials, provides two PCB material solutions with high cost performance and high performance for RSU unit phased array antenna design. Among them, the cost-effective PCB laminate is ro4350b, which adopts the hydrocarbon resin / ceramic filler system reinforced by woven glass cloth, whose electrical performance is close to PTFE material, and its processability is similar to FR-4 material; the low loss PCB laminate is ro4003c, which also adopts the carbon hydrogen resin / ceramic filler system reinforced by woven glass cloth, but the material is not brominated, so it has not passed UL 94V-0 certification, the following are the electrical performance parameters of the two materials.

Comparison of ro4350b and ro4003c PCB materials

ro4350b and ro4003c PCB material

From the electrical parameters of ro4350b and ro4003c laminates, ro4003c is better than ro4350b in terms of loss factor and dielectric constant temperature coefficient, but it has no UL certification, so it can be used in the design of RSU antenna with high requirements for loss; the performance of ro4350b is relatively balanced, which is suitable for the design of conventional RSU phased array antenna.

To sum up, the ro4350b and ro4003c laminates produced by Rogers have the advantages of low loss, high stability of dielectric constant and strict control of batch consistency, which can meet the antenna design requirements of different applications of RSU roadside units.