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Drilling control of Rogers kappa438
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As an entry-level RF PCB material, Rogers kappa 438 is compatible with FR4 PCB material in its processing method. Of course, due to the different internal materials, there are also details to be paid attention to during processing, especially drilling.

Standard cover plate (aluminum sheet or thin phenolic board) and backing plate (phenolic board or fiberboard); when processing rogsr kappa 438 double-sided plate or multi-layer PCB, one or more stacked plates can be used. Kappa 438 material is compatible with normal drilling parameters. However, drilling speeds greater than 500 SFM should be avoided. For medium and large diameter drills, a feed rate greater than 0.002 "is recommended, while for small (< 0.0135") diameter drills, a smaller feed (< 0.002 ") is recommended. In general, standard geometry bits are superior to undercut drills because they are more effective in removing debris from the hole during drilling. Tool life should be based on the inspection of electroplated through holes (PTH) rather than the appearance of the tool. Kappa Gamma The 438 laminate will cause accelerated wear of the bit. However, the quality of the hole wall is mainly determined by the size of the ceramic powder distributed, not by the cutting edge of the drill bit. The hole wall roughness is expected to be between 8 and 25 mm and should be consistent from the initial strike to several thousand hits.

rogsr kappa 438

Rogers, a microwave material manufacturer, has launched the kappa 438 laminate - designed for wireless design engineers looking for better performance and higher reliability alternatives to the FR-4 PCB! Kappa 438 laminate is a glass cloth reinforced hydrocarbon ceramic thermosetting laminate. It has the dielectric constant (DK) matching with FR-4 industrial standard, excellent high frequency performance, low loss, and can be processed by standard epoxy resin / glass (FR-4) process, with low processing cost. It can easily replace the existing FR-4 based design. In addition, it has UL 94 V-0 flame retardant grade, lead-free soldering process, highly consistent circuit performance, stricter DK and thickness tolerance control.

The dielectric constant of Rogers kappa 438 is more stable in the range of 2-10 GHz, which can greatly reduce the design difficulty and shorten the design period in the broadband product design.

To learn more about Rogers kappa 438, please click: Rogers third generation hydrocarbon resin ceramic pcb material kappa 438