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High-frequency multilayer PCB material-Rogers bonding sheet/prepreg

Bonding sheet (prepreg) is one of the important materials in the PCB manufacturing process of Multi-layer PCBRogers' thermosetting and thermoplastic high-performance bonding layer has a low Z-axis expansion coefficient, which reduces the risk of metallized through-hole plating. Higher reliability. In addition, it also has repeatable electrical properties, and the thermosetting bonding temperature is compatible with FR-4 prepreg, so it can reduce manufacturing costs. Rogers' bonding sheets (prepregs) mainly include 2929 bonding sheets, 3001 bonding films, CLTE-P semi-curing bonding sheets, COOLSPAN TECA thermal and conductive adhesives, CuClad 6700 bonding films, etc.

2929 bonding sheet

The 2929 bonding sheet is a non-reinforced thermosetting resin-based film bonding system with a thickness of 1.5, 2, or 3 mils. It is an ideal choice for high-frequency Multi-layer PCB bonding. 2929 has a patented cross-linking resin system, which enables the film bonding system to withstand multiple pressings and is compatible with traditional processing methods. At the same time, 2929 also has a controlled flow of glue, so it has excellent blind hole filling ability. It can be used in high-performance, high-reliability, high-frequency Multi-layer PCB applications, such as RF components, patch antennas, and automotive radars.

Product Features:

• Dielectric constant: 2.9

• Dielectric loss tangent: 0.003

• Can be used for various types of high-frequency Multi-layer PCB materials, including PTFE materials

• Predictable thickness after pressing

3001 adhesive  film

3001 adhesive  film is a thermoplastic chloro-fluoropolymer with a thickness of 0.0015 inches (0.381mm) and a width of 12 inches (305mm). The circuit performance is small and the air output is small. It is an environmentally friendly type that meets the RoHS standard. product. It is suitable for bonding high-frequency Multi-layer PCB circuits such as PTFE microwave stripline packaging with low dielectric constant, and can also be used for bonding other structures and electrical components to the substrate.

Product Features:

• In the microwave Multi-layer PCB, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss are relatively low

• Supplied on a standard reel with an inner diameter of 3 inches

3001 adhesive film

3001 adhesive  film

CLTE-P semi-cured bonding sheet

CLTE-P semi-cured adhesive sheet is a multilayer adhesive material suitable for PTFE microwave high-frequency Multi-layer PCB. The thickness is close to 0.0032" (the final forming thickness depends on many factors such as pressure, circuit distribution and copper foil thickness. The final thickness after proper bonding of the surface is typically 0.0024").

CLTE-P has a shorter holding time for thermoplastic resin in high-frequency multilayer PCB lamination. It has a shorter lamination cycle than high-frequency thermosetting prepreg materials, and has a low outgassing rate. It is an environmentally friendly product compatible with RoHs. It is suitable for the application of radar system, communication system, PTFE material bonding and other high-frequency material bonding.

Product Features:

• Dielectric constant 2.98

• Dielectric loss tangent 0.0023

• Low CTE value in all directions

• Provided in sheet form

• Flame retardant material

• The melting temperature of thermoplastic film is 510°F (265°C)

• Combined with adhesive film with lower melting temperature, sequential lamination can be realized

COOLSPAN TECA Thermal Conductive Adhesive

COOLSPAN Thermal Conductive Adhesive (TECA) is a thermosetting adhesive film composed of epoxy resin and silver powder filler. It has very good heat resistance and is compatible with lead-free soldering. It has low fluidity during pressing and is suitable for The high-frequency multilayer PCB is bonded to a thick metal base plate, heat sink or radio frequency module housing.

CuClad 6250 bonding film

The thickness of CuClad 6250 bonding film is 0.0015" (0.038 mm). The use of CuClad 6250 can achieve the bonding of pressure-sensitive layers such as dielectric foam materials, and uses lower temperature and pressure than traditional RF thermoplastic films. It is suitable for applications that do not require exposure to Designs such as high-frequency multilayer PCB bonding of PTFE dielectric materials supported by glass under high temperature and high pressure (the melting temperature of thermoplastic film is 213°F (101°C)), mainly used in radar systems and high-reliability communications System, PTFE bonding and other high-frequency substrate bonding applications with thick metal plates (such as aluminum).

Product Features:

• Dielectric constant 2.32

• Dielectric loss tangent 0.0015

• Available in 24" (305mm) roll form and sheet form

• The dielectric constant value matches the high frequency Multi-layer PCB commonly used in multilayer PCBs

CuClad 6700 bonding film

CuClad 6700 adhesive film is a chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE) thermoplastic copolymer with a thickness of 0.0015" (0.038 mm) or 0.003" (0.076 mm). CuClad 6700 has a shorter lamination cycle than high-frequency thermosetting prepreg materials, and the holding time of the thermoplastic resin in the lamination is short, and the outgassing rate is low. It is an environmentally friendly product compatible with RoHs. It is suitable for bonding PTFE materials in microwave strip lines and other high-frequency Multi-layer PCB circuits, as well as bonding other structures and electrical components with dielectric materials.

Product Features:

• Dielectric constant: 2.30

• Dielectric loss tangent: 0.0025

• Flame-retardant high-frequency Multi-layer PCB material

• The melting temperature of thermoplastic film is 397°F (203°C)

• Supplied in 24" (610mm) roll form and sheet form

• Dielectric properties are matched with low dielectric constant laminates