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PCB Circuit Board Proofing is good or bad?

With the rapid development of the electronic communication industry, but also to promote PCB circuit board proofing industry volume and rapid improvement, many people for the element of the layer number, weight, accuracy, material, color, reliability, and other requirements are becoming higher and higher.

But because the market price competition is tight, PCB circuit board proofing board material cost is also in the rising direction of development, more and more manufacturers to improve the competitiveness of the center, with low to monopoly the market. But these are super cheap, is to reduce the cost of materials and technology to manufacture into a completely obtained, but the parts are generally easy to show cracks (cracks), easy to scratch, (or scratch), the accuracy, performance and other comprehensive factors do not meet the standard, seriously affect the use of weldability and reliability of products and so on.

PCB Circuit Board

In the face of a variety of circuit board proofing on the market, the identification of circuit board proofing can be done from two aspects; The first way is to judge from the appearance, on the other hand, is to judge from the quality specification requirements of the PCB circuit board itself.


Judge the quality of the PCB circuit board proofing method:

First: from the appearance of the good or bad out of the circuit board

Under ordinary circumstances, the appearance of THE PCB circuit board can be analyzed and judged from three aspects;

1. Standard rules for volume and thickness.

The thickness of the circuit board to the standard circuit board is not the same volume, the customer can survey according to the thickness and specifications of their products.

2. Light and color.

The external circuit board has an ink cover, the circuit board can play the insulation effect, if the color of the board is not bright, less ink, the warm board itself is often not good.

3. Appearance of the weld.

PCB circuit board because of many parts, if the welding is very bad, parts easy to peel off the circuit board, seriously affect the welding quality of the circuit board, good appearance, careful identification, the interface is a little stronger is very close.

Second: high-quality circuit board closing requirements meet the following requirements

1, the requirements of the components installed on the back of the phone to use, that is, the electrical signature to meet the requirements;

2, the line width, line thickness, line distance meet the requirements, lest the line heating, circuit, and short circuit;

3, the copper skin can not help but peel off by high temperature;

4, the appearance of copper can not help oxygenation, affect the installation speed, oxygenation after use is not long bad;

5, no other electromagnetic radiation;

6, the shape is not changed, in case the shell is changed after installation, screw hole dislocation. Now are mechanized installation, pcb circuit board hole, and line, and the preset variation error should be within the permitted range;

7, and high temperature, high humidity, and special background should also be in the scope of thinking about the problem;

8, the appearance of mechanical properties to meet the installation requirements;

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