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Microwave Tech
Multiple press fit and high reliability of rogers 6002
Microwave Tech
Multiple press fit and high reliability of rogers 6002

Multiple press fit and high reliability of rogers 6002


In order to achieve high-speed transmission, there are clear requirements on the electrical characteristics of microwave printed substrate materials. In order to improve the high-speed transmission, in order to achieve low loss and delay of the transmission signal, the substrate material with a small dielectric constant and dielectric loss angle tangent must be selected.

In all resins, the dielectric constant of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ε R) and tangent of medium consumption angle (tan) δ) Minimum, high and low-temperature resistance and aging resistance, best suited for use as microwave substrate material.

With the increasing demand for multilayer design of microwave media, RT/duroid 6002 PTFE ceramic microwave substrates filled with ceramic powder have become one of the first materials for designers.

For the design of high density, high multilayer microwave multilayers, multiple bonding, high aspect ratio metalized holes manufacturing, high-reliability requirements, etc., make the thermoplastic bonding materials such as 3001 no longer meet the processing needs. For this reason, in order to solve the multilayer problem of RT/duroid 6002 PTFE ceramic microwave substrates, it is necessary to select Rogers'traditional thermosetting bonding chip materials RO4450 series and 2929 bonding chip thermosetting materials which have closely matched the Dk values introduced in recent years.

RO4450B Prepreg

RT/duroid 6002 PTFE ceramic PCB produced by Rogers Company is a ceramic powder-filled polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dielectric substrate material. It has excellent high frequency and low loss characteristics, strict dielectric constant and thickness control, excellent electrical and mechanical properties, very low dielectric constant thermal coefficient, plane expansion coefficient matching copper, low Z-axis expansion thermal expansion coefficient, and other significant features.

Due to the above advantages, RT/duroid 6002 PTFE ceramic dielectric materials are widely used in ground and airborne radar systems, phase antennas, global positioning system antennas, high-reliability complex multilayer lines, high-power soleplate, and commercial aviation anti-collision systems.

It is often said that the composition of the microwave dielectric substrate material ultimately determines the product performance and the processing characteristics of the design. On the basis of the traditional predominant baseboard RT/duroid5000 series of ROGERS company, the multilayer realizability and high reliability of metalized holes of RT/duroid 6002 PTFE ceramic microwave dielectric PCB material have become a reality through the addition of ceramic powder in polytetrafluoroethylene media.

Due to the addition of ceramic powder, the processability of PTFE dielectric substrate material has been greatly improved. On the one hand, the thermal expansion coefficient of the Z-axis of RT/duroid6002 substrate material is greatly reduced. On the other hand, the surface morphology of PTFE media is improved effectively. This makes the RO4450 series bonding chip material, which is used for the multilayer bonding of the RO4000 series baseboard of ROGERS Company, successfully used for the multilayer bonding of RT/duroid6002.

Rogers 2929

Of course, if you have the capability of high-temperature press equipment, you may also choose Rogers 2929 bonding sheet material. This type of adhesive sheet material is specially developed for the multilayer design and manufacture of RT/duroid6000 series base plate materials.

The lamination parameters of 2929 bonded sheet material are controlled as shown in the figure above. It is important to note that this type of adhesive sheet material has a strong filling capacity for blind holes and high-temperature resistance.

In addition, combined with previous experience in choosing RT/duroid 6002 to build microwave multilayer PCB, 25N bonded sheets, and CLTE-P semi-cured bonded sheets from the Arlon PCB of Rogers PCB can be used for multilayer bonding processing, and their quality and reliability are trusted.