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The difference between IC board and PCB board?
Author: Belle

Difference: PCB is a printed circuit board; IC is an integrated circuit. An integrated circuit integrates a general-purpose circuit on a chip. It is a whole. Once it is damaged internally, the chip is also damaged. The PCB can solder the components by itself, and replace the components if it is broken. IC board: Generally it is the carrier board on the chip, the board is very small, usually the size of a 1/4 fingernail, the board is very thin 0.2~0.4mm, the material used is FR-5, BT resin, and the circuit is 2mil/2mil about. It is a high-precision board that used to be generally produced in Taiwan, but now it is trending towards the mainland. The industry's yield rate is 75%. The unit price of this kind of board is very high, generally buy according to PCS. PCB board: it is our mobile phone, computer and peripheral boards. There are N-BOOK boards, memory sticks, LCD, H-DI and other boards. Features: The board is generally around 1.0, and the circuit is 4mil/4mil (I think it can’t be done 2/2 , The process is different) FR-4, epoxy resin is mostly used as materials, now it belongs to cabbage goods, generally sold by area, how much is a FT. The yield rate is generally above 90%, and those with a yield rate lower than this are likely to lose money. Generally good factories do 98%.

1) CPU is a special function chip, including controller and arithmetic unit. It is the central processing unit of the computer and the brain of the computer. From the appearance point of view, it is a chip.

2) A single chip microcomputer is a chip containing CPU, memory, input and output components, timing, counter and other functions. It has the basic functions of a computer host. Due to its small size, it is suitable for embedded applications. From the appearance point of view, it is a chip.

 IC board and PCB board

3) Integrated circuits and chips are generally the same.

4) A circuit board is a collection of various chips (integrated circuits) that work together, that is, a channel.

The circuit board is just a designed and manufactured substrate, and the circuit board refers to the circuit board on which various components have been installed.

Power IC is usually referred to as a power management chip or power module. The main chip is the chip that plays the main control role, like the CPU in the computer and the MCU in the display. The PCB board is a resin wood board, covered with copper-platinum circuits.

The pcb is a circuit board, and the IC is an electronic component. The IC is attached to the PCB substrate through the SMT process to form a complete circuit board

Integrated circuit generally refers to the integration of chips, like the north bridge chip on the motherboard, inside the CPU, they are all called integrated circuits, and the original name is also called integrated block. And the printed circuit refers to the circuit board we usually see, and Welding chips are printed on the circuit board. The integrated circuit chip is based on a single crystal silicon wafer with CMOS or TTL semiconductor components lithographically engraved on it. The outer package is generally plastic. The circuit board we use is the kind of plastic and tin. There are pads, you can simply understand it like this. An integrated circuit integrates a general-purpose circuit into a chip. It is a whole. Once it is damaged internally, the chip is also damaged, and the PCB can solder components by itself. Yes, you can replace the component if it is broken.