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Semiconductor: What exactly is a chip?

The chip is a large-scale, microelectronic integrated circuit semiconductor.

That is, the pcb printed circuit board that is scaled down to the nanometer (one millionth of a millimeter) level, the front of the traditional printed circuit board is a large number of various radio components, including transistors, diodes, capacitors, electrolyzers, resistors, and mid-cycle Regulators, switches, power amplifiers, detectors, filters, and other semiconductors.

On the back is the printed circuit and solder joint semiconductors printed on the carbon fiber board.

The chip is to use high-tech means to modify, integrate, stack, and shrink large-scale, tens of thousands or billions of circuit boards into semiconductors in 1X1X0.5 cm high-crystalline silicon wafers. Each component is scaled down to 22, 14, 7 or even 5 nanometers, which is approaching the limit. Because it is close to the volume of electrons, it is necessary for electrons to pass through. It is hard to imagine that billions of electronic devices are integrated on a 1 square centimeter wafer, which is almost crazy. Anyone who has shredded the cpu knows that it is just a little bit of silicon crystal, like black glass, with too much interference inside.


In the future, human demand for chips seems to be inseparable from the air. In the era of high-intelligence technology, the information recognition point of the Internet of Everything is the chip. Chips are also divided into various types, high, middle and low end, and various functional semiconductors. The identification chip is used in various certificates, cards, coins, field applications, sensing chips, in the field of data acquisition, detection, search, computing chips, in the field of supercomputing, computers, calculators, acquisition of chips, in the field of data collection, The edge computing chip is used to analyze all other unpredictable factors other than the subject that may occur, the application of the sensing chip, the acquisition purpose, the application of the reference object parameter, the storage chip, the classification of the massive information data, the validity, the cancellation, and the storage. , Control chip, strict control time, speed, interval, size, length, number, level, progress, precision and other functions of the chip, artificial intelligence applications, search chips, retrieve information, data, symbol applications, deep learning chips , Through the inexhaustible perfection of data acquisition, accumulation, recognition, comparison, optimization, generation, storage, frequent stop, endless exploration of the process applications that constitute autonomous cognition, etc., brand-new chip concepts, products will be produced in large numbers.

Chips are the foundation for human beings to become intelligent, active, unmanned, interconnected, bright era, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Chips are as important as energy. China's imports of chips cost more semiconductors than oil.

The root cause of the Sino-US economic war is the chip war semiconductor. In the future, high-tech cooperation will be written entirely on the chip.