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Application fields of PCB foundry materials

  PCB foundry is a production technology for printed circuit boards, and its development has a history of more than 100 years. Its design is mainly for PCB layout design and production. According to the number of layers of the circuit board, PCB foundry materials can be divided into single-sided boards, double-sided boards, four-layer boards, six-layer boards and other multi-layer circuit boards. PCB foundry materials are widely used in various fields, whether it is large-scale equipment or household appliances, communication base stations or personal mobile phones, computers or electronic toys, all include the corresponding pcb foundry materials.

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The future development trend of the manufacturing technology of pcb foundry materials is towards high density, high precision, fine holes, fine lines, small spacing, high reliability, multi-layer, high-speed transmission, light weight and thin performance. The use of pcb foundry materials has many advantages: it can reduce wiring and assembly errors, and save equipment maintenance, debugging and inspection time; the design can be standardized, which is conducive to interchange; the wiring density is high, the volume is small, and the weight is light, which is good for electronics The miniaturization of equipment; is conducive to mechanized and automated production, improves labor productivity, and reduces the cost of electronic equipment. The bending resistance and accuracy of the circuit boards produced through pcb OEM materials are especially suitable for high-precision instruments.

PCB foundry materials are widely used in life: Application in medical equipment: The rapid development of today's medical science is closely related to the rapid development of the electronics industry. Many microbiological equipment and other equipment are based on single-board pcb foundry materials, and the production process current of these high-power pcb foundry materials is as high as 100 amperes. This makes pcb foundry materials especially important in arc welding, military industry, garment cotton machine and other applications.

PCB foundry materials are also widely used in lighting. Among the surrounding LED lights and high-intensity LEDs, small LEDs like this provide high-brightness light and are mounted on PCB foundry substitutes based on aluminum substrates. This makes pcb foundry materials have the most basic application technology. It can be said that through the application of LED lights, we can see that pcb foundry materials cover a wide range of fields.