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How is the multilayer board pressed when making the pcb board?

    PCB multi-layer board lamination is a process in which one or more inner layers are etched and made into a multi-layer board (after black oxidation treatment) and copper foil are dipped into a multi-layer board by using high temperature and high pressure after the prepreg is heated and cured. Pressing is an important process for making PCB multilayer boards.

 pcb board

    1. Pressure cookeillr

    This is a container that is filled with high-temperature saturated water vapor and can be applied with high air pressure. When making a pcb board, the laminated substrate sample can be placed in it for a period of time to force the water vapor into the board and then take it out The sample is then placed on the surface of high-temperature molten tin, and its "delamination resistance" characteristics are measured.

    2. Cap pressing method

    It refers to the traditional lamination method of early PCB board production. At that time, the "outer layer" mostly used single-sided copper thin substrates for stacking and pressing. It was not until the increase in output that the current large copper skin type was used. Or mass pressure.

    3. Folds

    In MULTI-LAYER BOARD pressing, it often refers to the wrinkles that occur when the copper skin is improperly handled.

    4. Depression

    Refers to the gentle and uniform sag on the copper surface during the production of the pcb board, which may be caused by the partial protrusion of the steel plate used for pressing. If these shortcomings are unfortunately left on the line after the copper is etched, it will cause high-speed transmission signals. The impedance is unstable, and noise will appear.

    5. Copper foil pressing method

    Refers to the mass-produced multilayer board, the outer layer of copper foil and film are directly pressed with the inner layer, which becomes the multi-row board large-scale pressing method (Mass Lam) of the multilayer board, which replaces the early tradition of single-sided thin substrates Suppress legal.

    The above is the pressing method and process of the multilayer board when making the pcb board. I hope that we can help everyone in need!