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PCB Material List

Rogers high frequency PCB material specification

PCB Material List

Rogers high frequency PCB material specification

Rogers high frequency PCB material specification

Rogers high-frequency PCB material is a kind of high-frequency board produced by Rogers PCB. It is different from the conventional board epoxy resin for PCB. There is no glass fiber in it. It is made of ceramic-based high-frequency PCB material.

With the development of electronic technology. The production of electronic products requires more and more materials, such as high-frequency PCB materials. Take Rogers high-frequency PCB material as an example.

When the working frequency of the circuit is above 500MHz, the range of materials that the design engineer can choose is greatly reduced.

Rogers RO4350B material allows RF engineers to design circuits conveniently, such as network matching, transmission line impedance control, etc. Due to its low dielectric loss, RO4350B has more advantages than ordinary circuit materials in high-frequency applications. The dielectric constant fluctuation with temperature is almost the lowest in the same kind of materials. In the wide frequency range, the dielectric constant is also quite stable 3.48, and the design recommended value is 3.66. Lopera copper foil can reduce insertion loss. This makes the material suitable for broadband applications

Rogers PCB specification

Rogers PCB specification

Rogers high-frequency PCB material series classification:

RO3000 Series: PTFE circuit materials based on ceramic filling, models are RO3003, RO3006, RO3010, RO3035 high-frequency PCB board.

RT6000 series: Based on ceramic filled PTFE circuit material, designed for electronic circuit and microwave circuit with high dielectric constant, the models are: rt6006 dielectric constant 6.15, rt6010 dielectric constant 10.2.

TMM series: composites based on ceramics, hydrocarbons, and thermosetting polymers, models: tmm3, tmm4, tmm6, tmm10i, tmm13i.

RT5880 series: models: RT5880, RT5870.

Rogers'Advanced Interconnected Solutions division (ACS) is the world's leading producer of high-performance media, high-frequency laminates and semi-curable sheets. Its products are widely used in aerospace, wireless and cable (digital) infrastructure, automotive radar sensors, satellite TV, mobile Internet devices and microwave and radio frequency printed circuits in advanced chip packaging. And related applications.

Advanced Connectivity Solutions (ACS) is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, USA. In North America, Europe and Asia also have strong production, sales and technical service networks to provide localized support services to global customers.

Rogers'recently expanding production capacity and growing product range can support a wide range of applications and environmental needs.

Rogers'Application and Technical Services engineers are also keen to assist customers in selecting materials, designing, and manufacturing printed circuit boards.

With unparalleled industry expertise, Rogers continues to conceive and develop new materials solutions that can meet greater challenges. For example, in recent years, Rogers has introduced heat management materials and is continually committed to innovation to meet the needs of many new, higher-power applications. Although already a leader in the industry, Rogers is committed to continuously exploring the potential electrical properties of materials, enabling us to anticipate possible problems and work with all parties to continuously improve the performance of materials.

Model of Rogers PCB material:

AD250C, AD255C, AD300D, AD350A, AD1000, CLTE-XT, CLTE, CLTE-AT, CLTE-MW, CuClade217, CuClad 233, CuClad 250, DiClad9880, DiClad870, DiClad527, lsoClad*917, IsoClad 933, Kappa 438, XtremeSpeed, R01200, 92ML, DiClad 880, DiClad 870, DiClad 527, lsoClad 917, XtremeSpeed R01200, R03003G2, R03003, R03035, R03006, R03010, R03210, R04003C, R04350B, R04360G2, R04830, R04835T, R04533, R04534, R04535, R04730G3, RT/duroid 5880LZ, RT/duroid 5880, RT/duroid 5870, R04835, RT/duroid 6002, RT/duroid 62O2PR, RT/duroid 6202, RT/duroid 6035HTC, RT/duroid 6006, RT/duroid 6010.2LM, TC350, TC350 Plus, TC600, TMM 3, TMM 4, TMM 6, TMM 10, TMM 10i, TMM 13i, 2929, C00LSPAN TECA, 6250, 6700, R030101, R04450F, R04450T, R04460G2, CuClad 217, DiClad880, lsoClad917, Kappa 438, MAGTREX555, R04730G3 ED, R04730G3 LoPro, R04533 LoPro, R04003C LoPro, R04350B LoPro, R04835 LoPro, R04534 LoPro, R04535 LoPro, RT/duroid5870, RT/duroid6002, RT/duroid6202, RT/duroid6202PR, RT/duroid6035HTC, RT/duroid6010.2LJW, RT/duroid5880, 92ML, C00L5PAN TECA, R04450T, R04460G2, XtremeSpeed ROUOO, CLTE, CLTE-AT, CLTE-XT, CLTE-MW, TC350, TC350PIUS, TC600, AD250C, AD255C, AD300, AD350, AD1000, Didad880, CuClad217, CuClad233, CuClad250, IsoClad 917, R01200, R01200 Bondply, 6250 Film, 6700 Film, CLTE-P, R03003, R03003G2, R03006, R03010, R03035, R03210, R04003C, R04350B, R04360G2, R04450F, R04533, R04534, R04535, R04835, R04835T, RT/duroid5870, RT/duroid5880L2, RT/duroid 6010.2 LM, RT/duroid 6202PR, TG50, TMM3, TMM4, TMM6, TMM10, TMM10i, TMM13i, 92ML Laminate, 92ML Prepreg, CLTEJCT, CuClad 217, COOLSPAIT, DiClad*880, Didad870, Didad527, IM Series, lsoClad933, XtremeSpeedR01200, R048B5T, TG50, TO50Plus, TMM13i

Products for Rogers PCB applications:

Aerospace, Wireless and Cable (Digital) Infrastructure, Automotive Radar Sensors, Satellite TV, Mobile Internet Devices, Microwave and Radio Frequency Printing Circuits in Advanced Chip Packaging, Automotive, Active Security, Information, Entertainment, Thermal Management, Connecting Devices, Internet of Things (loT), Mobile Interconnected Devices, Antenna Systems, Communication Systems, Radar Systems, Aeronautical Systems, Limited Infrastructure, Computing equipment, data center, IP infrastructure, test measurement, wireless infrastructure, antenna, microwave return, power amplifier, small base station, distributed antenna system,

Rogers PCB materials are widely used in high frequency and high-reliability fields such as microwave communication, 5g, military radar, and so on. Rogers PCB material features 1. Good rigidity, good mechanical and electrical properties, easy hole metallization; 2. High accuracy of plate thickness; 3. The copper sheet of the material has good adhesion, high heat dissipation capacity, good peel strength, no delamination, and blistering; 4. The processing cost is compatible with FR-4 processing technology, but the plate cost is high. Rogers PCB material is the most stable high-frequency microwave material in the industry at present. It has the characteristics of low dielectric loss and low water absorption, and the dielectric constant (DK) changes stably with frequency. It has low exhaust rate in aerospace applications. It is widely used in high reliability, aerospace, and national defense applications or harsh environment applications

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