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PCB Material List

Rogers RO3035 PCB material specification

PCB Material List

Rogers RO3035 PCB material specification

Rogers RO3035 PCB material specification

Rogers ro3035 PCB laminates are PTFE composites with ceramic fillers for commercial microwave and RF applications. Rogers ro3035 offers exceptional electrical and mechanical stability at a competitive price.

Rogers ro3000 series PCB laminates are PTFE based circuit materials(teflon PCB materials) with ceramic filler, and the mechanical properties of different dielectric constant are consistent. Therefore, design engineers can use materials with different permittivity on different layers when developing multilayer PCB design, and will not encounter bending or reliability problems.

The advanced PCB materials division of Rogers introduces rolled copper foil into its low dielectric constant ro3003, ro3035 and ro3203 laminates. The smooth rolled copper layer, combined with ro3000 PTFE ceramic resin with very low dielectric loss, can achieve first-class insertion loss in high frequency circuit materials. These materials are ideal for the strict loss index required in millimeter wave circuit design. Circuit consistency is very important in millimeter wave design, such as automotive radar sensor and point-to-point microwave return communication system. The ro3003 laminate with a dielectric constant of 3.0 is a reliable choice for 77GHz automotive radar sensors and is now available in rolled copper foil versions from 1/2oz to 0.040 "thick, which greatly reduces insertion loss.

About ro3035 PCB material

Ro3000 high frequency circuit material is a ceramic filled PTFE composite with a wide range of dielectric constant values, mainly for commercial microwave RF applications. This series of products mainly provide superior electrical performance and stable mechanical performance at a competitive price. Compared with the competitive materials, the ro3000 series laminates without glass fiber cloth can provide more unique isotropic electrical properties.

emperature dependence of dielectric constant of ro3035

Temperature dependence of dielectric constant of ro3035

Frequency dependence of dielectric constant of ro3000 family.jpg

Frequency dependence of dielectric constant of ro3000 family

Advantages of Rogers ro3035 PCB material

The application frequency of laminate can reach 30-40GHz

Reliable application in stripline and multilayer PCB structure

It is suitable for multilayer PCB design with different dielectric constant

It is suitable for the structural design of multilayer PCB mixed with epoxy resin

Suitable for temperature sensitive applications

Lower operating temperature, higher reliability for power amplifier applications

Application of Rogers ro3035 PCB

Band pass filter PCB, microstrip patch antenna PCB, Voltage controlled oscillator PCB