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Processing capacity of Shenzhen PCB factory
PCB News
Processing capacity of Shenzhen PCB factory

Processing capacity of Shenzhen PCB factory


Processing capacity of Shenzhen PCB factory

I don’t know if you have noticed that on the websites of most Shenzhen circuit board factories(PCB multi-layer boards), we always see the "Process Capability" column in the navigation bar. This column seems to indicate that Shenzhen circuit board factories (PCB multi-layer boards) The strength of the laminate), then what factors determine the processing capacity of the multilayer circuit board factory?

1. The number of layers and boards of the circuit board

Attention should be paid to the maximum number of circuit board layers, surface treatment process, board thickness range, board thickness tolerance and board type. At the same time, appropriate design software should be used to ensure the quality of PCB multilayer circuit board factory production.

Combining these aspects with each other, if the final display process of the circuit board is exquisite, it means that the multilayer circuit board factory has a higher process capability and can guarantee the quality of the circuit board.

2. Drilling and modeling

The details that should be paid attention to when drilling are the same as the line type mentioned in the first point. In terms of shape, attention should be paid to the smallest grooving knife, the largest size and V-CUT to ensure the shape is complete and clean.

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Processing capacity of Shenzhen PCB factory

3. Characters and craftsmanship

In terms of circuit board characters, the minimum character width, height, line width and patch character frame distance and solder mask spacing should be mastered; during processing, attention should be paid to peeling strength, flame retardancy, impedance type and special processes.

4. Line graphics

Multilayer PCB line types include minimum line width and line spacing, minimum network line width and line spacing, minimum etched font width, minimum BGA and pads, internal and external copper thickness of the finished product, and the spacing and outline between traces. Only by understanding and familiarizing with these parameters can high-quality circuit graphics be obtained.

5. Solder mask and puzzle

There are many types of multi-layer PCB solder masks. The solder mask bridging should be familiar with the design spacing between pads. For PCB layout, you should pay attention to the gap problem, and be familiar with PCB half-hole board layout rules and various types of assembly and delivery.