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What is the difference between HDI pcb and ordinary pcb?
PCB News
What is the difference between HDI pcb and ordinary pcb?

What is the difference between HDI pcb and ordinary pcb?


Introduction of HDI PCB

HighDensityInterconnector PCB (HDI PCB), which is called high density interconnection board, is a high-density circuit board with high line distribution density. It adopts the technology of micro blind hole. HDI PCB has internal and external lines, and then the inner connection of each layer of lines is made by drilling, metallization in the hole and other processes.

HDI PCB is generally made by stacking method, the more times of stacking, the higher the technical grade of the plate. Ordinary HDI PCB is basically one layer, high-precision HDI PCB adopts stacking process of twice or more times, and advanced PCB technology is adopted, such as stacking hole, electroplating filling hole, laser direct drilling, etc.

When the density of PCB increases by more than 8 layers, the cost of HDI will be lower than the traditional complex compaction process. HDI PCB is conducive to the application of advanced construction technology, and its electrical performance and signal correctness are higher than that of traditional PCB, and HDI board has better improvement in RF interference, electromagnetic wave interference, electrostatic release, thermal conductivity and other aspects.



Electronic products continue to develop in the direction of high density and high precision. The so-called "high" not only improves the performance of the machine, but also reduces the volume of the machine. High density integration (HDI PCB) technology can make the final product design smaller, and meet the higher standards of electronic performance and efficiency. At present, many popular electronic products, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, automotive electric products All use HDI board. With the upgrading of electronic products and the demand of the market, the development of HDI board will be very rapid.

Introduction to PCB

PCB (printedcircuit board) is an important electronic component, a support for electronic components and a carrier of electrical connection of electronic components.

The main function of the device is that after the printed circuit board is adopted for electronic equipment, the error of manual wiring is avoided due to the consistency of the same printed circuit board. The automatic insertion or installation of electronic components, automatic welding and automatic detection of electronic components are realized, which ensures the quality of electronic equipment, improves labor productivity, reduces costs and facilitates maintenance.

Is PCB with blind hole called HDI PCB?

HDI PCB is a high-density interconnect circuit board. The blind hole plating secondary pressing plate is HDI PCB, which can be divided into first, second, third, fourth and fifth-order HDI. For example, the iphone6 motherboard is a fifth-order HDI.

Simple burying holes are not necessarily human development indicators.

How to distinguish the first, second and third order of HDI PCB.

The first order is relatively simple, and the process and process are easy to control.

The second step began to get into trouble, one was alignment, the other was drilling and copper plating. There are many second-order designs, one is that each order is wrong. When connecting the second adjacent layer, it is necessary to connect with wires in the middle layer, which is equivalent to two primary HDI.

The second is that the two first-order holes overlap and the second order coincides. The processing is similar to the first order, but there are many key points that need special control, namely the above points.

Third, directly punch from the outer layer to the third layer (or n-2 layer). This process is much different from the front and it is harder to punch.

For the third order, the second analogy is.

The difference between HDI PCB and ordinary PCB

The common PCB board is mainly made of epoxy resin and electronic grade glass cloth FR-4. Generally speaking, the traditional HDI should use back glue copper foil. Because the laser drilling cannot open the glass cloth, it is generally used non glass fiber back glue copper foil, but now the high-energy laser drilling machine can break through 1180 glass cloth. In this way, it is no different from ordinary materials.