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What are the advantages of industrial robots in the PCB board industry instead of labor?

What are the advantages of industrial robots in the PCB board industry instead of labor?

What are the advantages of industrial robots in the PCB board industry instead of labor?

Like the automobile industry and other manufacturing industries, the replacement of labor in the PCB board industry by industrial robots brings many advantages to enterprises.

1. Reduce labor, speed up the work cycle, and improve work efficiency. The robot can achieve high-speed repetitive operations, which can be much higher than the manual work beat, which brings about a substantial increase in work efficiency and a reduction in labor costs and management costs.

2. Improve operation accuracy and product quality. The robot can use programming and vision systems to achieve accurate positioning and repeat accuracy, effectively improving the quality of products.

3. Effectively reduce the material consumption rate.

4. Optimize the work process and reduce the work space.

5. It can work continuously for 24 hours and work in a dark light environment.

6. Avoid potential threats to workers' health and safety from the working environment, and save investment in environmental safety.

7. Reduce the reduction in efficiency and quality and the accident rate caused by the effect of repetitive and boring processes on the status of workers;

8. It can make the manufacturing process flexible. In the future, there will be more and more small batch orders in the PCB board industry. The use of industrial robots can greatly enhance the flexibility of production and realize the rapid delivery of orders.

9. Enhance brand image and reputation. The application of industrial robots has further improved the automation level of circuit board manufacturers, driving improvements in product quality, production efficiency, cost control, and responsiveness, and improving the overall competitiveness of circuit board manufacturers in the industry.

What are the advantages of industrial robots in the PCB board industry instead of labor?

Application prospects of industrial robots in the PCB board industry

At present, the application of industrial robots in the PCB board industry has just started, and there are still many problems that need to be solved. Many work lines in the PCB industry are non-standard products. In the process of robot application, they are limited by the existing work space, limited by the capabilities of the original equipment, and facing the influence of different PCB board material factors, it is necessary to consider the application of various sensors to improve the robot. At the same time, we must also consider training a group of employees who can operate and maintain robots for manufacturers.

1. The existing factory is mainly for partial applications, and the construction of the new factory will be planned as a whole, and the application of robots and AGVs will be directly imported.

2. The combination of industrial robots and the Internet of Things will make the manufacturing process more intelligent and flexible.

3. From the application of simple robots to the application combined with other intelligent equipment such as AGV. Most of the material transfer between the existing process production lines is manual operation, and it can be distributed and implemented to realize the orderly transfer of materials with the combination of robots and AGVs.

4. From single station or single line application to multi-line application. It is difficult for the existing PCB board companies to fully introduce robots to realize automated production, and they need to invest a lot of money for transformation, but they can carry out step-by-step transformations on qualified single stations and single lines, and gradually expand the scope of application after obtaining obvious results.