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What should be paid attention to in the production process of Shenzhen circuit board factory

What should be paid attention to in the production process of Shenzhen circuit board factory
As the operators of Shenzhen circuit board factory, we must be familiar with the operation and equipment use of the circuit board factory. In the circuit board factory, product quality is the key, but it is also very important to operate the machine well. What matters should be paid attention to by the personnel of Shenzhen circuit board factory. The editor of the electronics factory will tell you one by one.

1. Precautions for graphics transfer in circuit board factories:

(1) It is best not to exceed 48 hours after filming to developing;

(2) Avoid humidity. When the humidity is high, the film will be exposed and developed within 12 hours as soon as possible after the completion of the coating;

(3) The hardness of the coating film before development is only 1H, so it should be handled carefully, especially when printing double-sided panels;

(4) Storage method, please store in a cool place, the storage period is within the time specified by the manufacturer;

(5) Although the film is more than 2H after development, the film should be scratched and broken when placing the board;

(6) Avoid direct sunlight and fluorescent lamps in the operating environment. The ideal environment is to operate under yellow light in a clean room, with a room temperature of 23~25°C;

(7) Since the liquid photoresist contains solvents, the ventilation in the workplace should be better. When it is attached to the skin, it can be cleaned with moon bar soap;

(8) The time to remove the film depends on the increase or decrease of the temperature. The increase in NaOH concentration has a limited effect on the time to remove the film. The ideal concentration is 4%-7%. (It is best to use an automatic film removing machine)

What should be paid attention to in the production process of Shenzhen circuit board factory

I often hear everyone talking about laser imaging. What are the precautions for laser imaging?

2. The characteristics of the laser imaging equipment LDI of the circuit board factory are:

a. The processing efficiency is low, and it is not suitable for mass plate production;

b. The processing cycle is fast, which is suitable for the rapid production of sample plates or small batch plates;

c. Improve the accuracy of alignment, and data can be corrected to adapt to changes in the size of the substrate;

d. There is no need for a photographic plate, which avoids the influence of the expansion and contraction of the photographic plate on the dimensional accuracy of the figure during exposure, and also saves the cost of the photographic plate.

The above are some precautions for the production process of the circuit board factory, have you mastered it?

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