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What are the safety rules for the placement machine?

What are the safety rules for the placement machine?

Circuit board factory: We learned last week, what is a placement machine? As a member of high-tech products, the use of the placement machine is not so simple and easy to use. How to operate safely and correctly is the most basic common sense of the placement machine. The technicians also need to go through a long period of professional training to accurately judge the state and process of the placement machine. So today we come to understand the basic safety rules of the placement machine.

1. The operator of the machine should receive operation training under the correct method.

What are the safety rules for the placement machine?

2. Turn off the power when inspecting the machine, replacing parts or repairing and internal adjustments.

3. Make sure that the YPU (programming unit) is in your hands to stop the machine at any time when "reading coordinates" and adjusting the machine.

4. Make sure that the "interlocking" safety equipment is kept effective to stop the machine at any time, and the safety inspection on the machine must not be skipped or short-circuited, otherwise personal or machine safety accidents are likely to occur.

5. Only one operator is allowed to operate one machine during production.

6. During operation, make sure that all parts of the body, such as hands and head, are outside the moving range of the machine.

7. The machine must be properly grounded (real grounding, not the neutral wire).

8. Do not use the machine in a flammable gas or extremely dirty environment.


a) Those who have not received the training are strictly prohibited to operate on the machine.

b) The operating equipment must put safety first, and the machine operator should operate the machine strictly in accordance with the operating specifications, otherwise it may cause damage to the machine or endanger personal safety.

c) The machine operator should be careful and careful.

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