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The role of six commonly used electronic components

The role of six commonly used electronic components

We have basically understood the six common electronic components in the identification chapter before, and probably understood their main principles and abbreviations. Today, we will further understand the role of these electronic components on the basis of understanding.

Common electronic components are mainly divided into six categories, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, crystal diodes, transistors and integrated circuits. These electronic components are like organs in the human body. Each one has its own special features. Let's understand them one by one today.

      The main role of resistors is particularly numerous, and because of this, the application of resistors in electronic equipment is particularly widespread. Specific functions are reflected in: shunting, current limiting, voltage division, filtering, biasing and impedance matching... In addition to these more common functions, resistors can sometimes convert electrical energy into heat, electric rice cookers, electric soldering irons and Electric furnaces and other equipment use this function of resistance.

The role of six commonly used electronic components

      The definition of capacitance is the ratio of electricity to voltage. Its main functions include direct current isolation, reactive power compensation, filtering, forming an oscillator, storing electrical energy, forming a phase-shifting power supply, and reducing voltage. What is worth mentioning is the filtering effect. The filtering function of the capacitor is very important in the production of the PCB circuit board. In the circuit board, the blessing of the DC voltage is more needed, but often the current in the circuit board will become a pulsating DC circuit due to the occurrence of AC, so that the current output cannot be formed stably. Therefore, in most cases, we will set up an electrolytic capacitor, the capacity of the capacitor is usually relatively large in order to better utilize its charging and discharging characteristics. When such an electrolytic capacitor is added to the circuit board, the pulsating DC voltage can be converted into a more stable DC voltage.

      The main function of the inductor in the circuit is delay, filtering, oscillation and wave breaking. Of course, it also has some targeted effects in some electronic devices. For example, it can filter some irrelevant signals to get the desired signal, for example, it can stabilize the unstable current.

Crystal diode
      The most basic function of crystal diodes is unidirectional conduction, and the most common uses are clamping, rectification, and detection. The diode can also be used for voltage stabilization in the reverse breakdown state if it is processed by a special process. The LED that we usually use is a type of light-emitting diode.

      The role of the transistor is roughly to amplify the current, switch the circuit and stabilize the voltage.

integrated circuit
      In the above, the editor mentioned the basic composition and future development trend of integrated circuits. In short, an integrated circuit is a portable combination of the above components. Its role is also ready to come out, roughly divided into three categories:

      1. Reduce components.

      2. Improve performance.

      3. Convenient application.

      Note that the convenient application here does not specifically mean that it is easy to carry, but to concentrate the required functions in a small integrated circuit, and the integrated circuit can be put in at any time in future applications. It is the function that the integrated circuit matches. For the functions of common electronic components that we usually know well, let's temporarily introduce the functions here.

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