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Do you know what kinds of materials are available for PCB boards?

Do you know what kinds of materials are available for PCB boards?

PCB board is the printed circuit board, as the most important electrical carrier of electronic components, it is the core part of all electronic products and the basis of most electronic products today. With the expansion of electronic products in various industries, PCBs are constantly Development and progress. So, do you know what kinds of materials are available for pcb boards? The following pcb factory editor will introduce to you the relevant knowledge of pcb material through this article.

What kinds of materials does the PCB have

Pcb board materials can generally be divided into two categories: rigid substrate materials and flexible substrate materials. The rigid substrate material is usually a copper clad laminate, which is impregnated with a resin adhesive with a reinforcing material (Reinforeing Material), dried, cut, and laminated to form a blank, and then covered with copper foil. The steel plate is used as a mold, and it is processed in a hot press. It is made by high temperature and high pressure forming. The semi-finished product of the copper clad laminate (mostly glass cloth impregnated with resin and dried) during the production process is usually a prepreg for multi-layer PCB boards.

Do you know what kinds of materials are available for PCB boards?

Copper clad laminates can be divided into five categories according to the reinforcing materials of the board:

1. Paper base

2. Glass fiber cloth base

3. Composite base (CEM series)

4. Multilayer multi-layer board base

5. Special material base (ceramic, metal core base, etc.).

According to the different resin adhesives used, copper clad laminates can be divided into:

1. Common paper-based CCIs include phenolic resins (XPc, XxxPC, FR-1, FR-2, etc.)

2. Epoxy resin (FE一3)

3. Polyester resin

4. Other special resins (with glass fiber cloth, polyamide fiber, non-woven fabric, etc. as additional materials):

(1) Bismaleimide modified triazine resin (BT)

(2) Polyimide resin (PI)

(3) Diphenylene ether resin (PPO)

(4) Maleic anhydride imine-styrene resin (MS)

(5) Polycyanate resin

(6) Polyolefin resin

At present, the most widely used glass fiber cloth type is the common paper-based CCI with phenolic resin.

The above is the introduction of some knowledge about PCB board material classification. Through this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of "what kinds of materials are available in PCB board".

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