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Basic knowledge of components: crystal diode

Basic knowledge of components: crystal diode

pcb factory: basic knowledge of components-crystal diode

The crystal diode is abbreviated as a diode, which is a semiconductor terminal device in solid-state electronic devices, which has nonlinear current-voltage characteristics. In electronic circuits, transistors are represented by the letter "D" plus a number, for example: D5 represents a diode numbered 5.

With the continuous development of semiconductor materials and process technology, engineers have developed a variety of crystal diodes with diverse structures and different functional uses by using different semiconductor materials, doping distributions and geometric structures. These crystal diodes can be used to generate, control, receive, transform, amplify signals and perform energy conversion.

Basic knowledge of components: crystal diode

One: the role of crystal diode

      The main characteristic of the diode is unidirectional conduction, that is, the on-resistance is very small under the action of the forward voltage, and the on-resistance is the largest or infinite under the action of the reverse voltage. Because of this, diodes are usually used in circuits such as rectification, isolation, voltage stabilization, polarity protection, coding control, and frequency modulation and noise reduction in cordless phones. Crystal diodes used in telephones can be divided into rectifier diodes, isolation diodes, Schottky diodes, light-emitting diodes, Zener diodes, and so on.

Two: Crystal diode identification method

      The identification of diodes is very simple. For low-power diodes with N pole (cathode), the surface of the diode is mostly marked with colored circles. Some diodes also use special diode symbols to indicate P pole (anode) or N pole (cathode), and the symbol polarity is also used. Use "P" and "N" to determine the polarity of the diode. The positive and negative poles of the LED can be identified by the length of the pin, the long pin is positive and the short pin is negative.

Three: Precautions for crystal diode test

      When measuring a diode with a digital multimeter, the red test lead connected to the anode of the diode and the black test lead connected to the cathode of the diode are the positive conduction resistance of the diode, which is exactly the opposite of the connection method of the test lead of the pointer multimeter.

Four: Commonly used 1n 4000 series diode voltage comparison

      Model 1n 4001 1n 4002 1n 4003 1n 4004 1n 4005 1n 4006 1n 4007

      Pressure (v) 50 100 200 400 600 1000 Current (a) is 1.

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