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How to wire the pcb, the gods do it all

How to wire the pcb, the gods do it all

How to wire the PCB? For Xiaobai, he feels very powerful when he sees a densely packed multi-layer PCB. It is undeniable that a high-density PCB board is visually impactful. But in PCB design, aesthetics is not the most important aspect, performance is the most important. The first thing that needs to be considered in PCB design is performance.

After consulting our senior PCB design leaders, the editor sorted out some key points that need to be considered in the design process.

Reasonable device layout

      For example, in addition to the core circuit, the heating device should be placed in a specific area as much as possible to facilitate the connection of the heat dissipation structure, and it will not affect other circuits. Reasonable device layout can reduce costs, reduce vias, traces, and PCB area or number of layers.

Signal integrity

      This involves inner segmentation, the integrity of the reference plane, high-speed signals, and differential pairs. According to the principle of signal integrity, there must be a smooth and continuous return path. Just like we walk, the flat road must be the most stable. If you encounter a hurdle in the middle, your walking posture must change, and the signal is the same.

How to wire the pcb, the gods do it all

Laminated design

      How to optimize the sequence of the signal layer and the plane layer, wrap sensitive signals or separate them, and take the most closed channel. It is a kind of protection for its own signal, and it also eliminates interference to other signals.

High-speed signal design

      The same group of high-speed data should be implemented in the same 1-2 layer as much as possible, and the length of the request should be equal. For high-speed signals, redundant terminal design and high-frequency reflections must also be eliminated. For example, if when drawing sata signal, in order to be compatible with the design, use more capacitors to lead one way, the result is that the hard disk can not run, and finally the positioning can only be solved by secant.

Isolation performance

      It is very important to design the peripheral interface under high reliability and complex environment, as well as the spacing of the isolation part of the wiring with high experimental requirements. The larger the isolation distance is, the safer it is when the device allows. This kind of design is also a time to experience power. Excellent design will play a major role in ESD interference and will interfere with the internal circuit of the path principle.


      For example, the shape of the PCB board is too long, and the device layout is relatively top-heavy. When piled together, the deformation of the PCB board is found to be curved during production. If this kind of circuit board encounters stress during assembly, the internal circuit will be easily broken. How to solve it? There are three methods:

      1. Post-imposition patch

      2. Thicken PCB

      3. Consider this issue in the design stage


      Whether the location of the connector is convenient for board-to-wire and board-to-board connections, excellent engineers can take these issues into consideration when designing.

The above is some knowledge about how PCB wiring is shared by the editor today. If you want to know more knowledge about PCB design, you can consult online, and our engineers will explain it one by one!