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What conditions should a professional Shenzhen PCB circuit board manufacturer have?

What conditions should a professional Shenzhen PCB circuit board manufacturer have?

market share

In recent years, my country has gradually become the main production base of global printed circuit boards, and the global share of PCB output value has been rising. According to statistics, the global PCB output value in 2019 was approximately US$61.34 billion, compared with US$63.6 billion in 2018, a slight decline of 1.7%. The Chinese market performed well. In 2019, the output value of China's PCB industry was approximately US$32.942 billion, compared with US$32.6 billion in 2018, a slight increase of 0.7%. The global market accounted for approximately 53.7%, and it was firmly seated on the NO1 throne. It should be noted that although my country has become the world’s largest PCB producer with a large number of PCB companies, the scale and technical level of local companies vary from good to bad. For most PCB buyers, they are generally used to finding PCB manufacturers through the Internet. If you accidentally choose a PCB manufacturer with poor quality control, you will bring yourself a lot of unnecessary troubles, such as various quality problems, high prices, and delays. So, what standards should professional Shenzhen PCB circuit board manufacturers have?

What conditions should a professional Shenzhen PCB circuit board manufacturer have?

1. Comprehensively weigh the manufacturer's positioning and production strength:

Each PCB factory has its own positioning, which is divided into urgent proofing, small batch, medium batch, and large batch according to the quantity; according to the difficulty of production, it is divided into conventional boards, high-level boards, and difficult boards, including high-frequency boards, special boards, and special boards. Craftsmanship and so on. When choosing, you must first clarify your own needs, find a factory with corresponding expertise, and intuitively judge the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer by understanding the manufacturer's production scale and equipment perfection. Manufacturers with a good reputation must have strong production strength as a support, which will directly affect the fulfillment of the contract and the quality of the PCB.

2. Evaluate the credibility of the manufacturer


It is necessary to investigate the reputation of PCB circuit board manufacturers from multiple parties, such as the company's business license, domestic and foreign certification, cooperative customer evaluation, and quality process monitoring system. It also depends on which well-known companies and research companies the PCB manufacturer has established a good cooperative relationship with.

3. Focus on the services of PCB manufacturers


PCB procurement needs to involve many issues, such as engineering evaluation suggestions, production technology, production quality, production schedule, testing, etc., and a complete service system is required to ensure service quality. PCB manufacturers with a certain strength have their own customer service team, which can provide customers with professional PCB proofing services online, including order tracking and implementation, pre-production and design evaluation of manufacturability, design parameters, process capabilities and costs Previous coordination, recommendation of materials that meet the designer's signal requirements, fast and professional online consultation and answers, etc.

4. Understand the professionalism of technicians

Technical team

A large part of the current competition among enterprises is technological competition. How many factory technicians are there? How many years of industry experience per capita? Which field of PCB products are you good at? These are the main points of the investigation.

5. Pay attention to whether the delivery date can be guaranteed

24 hours expedited

The delivery time of PCB circuit boards is very important for new product design, placement, testing, and launch. Delivery delay is absolutely unacceptable for new product development. Therefore, it is very important to understand the past order delivery dates of PCB manufacturers. Professional manufacturers have an approximate delivery time for PCB proofing of various plates and various processes; some manufacturers also provide expedited services. Single and double panels can be shipped in 12 hours or 24 hours as soon as possible, which is convenient The customer makes a choice. If the PCB buyer is not satisfied with the delivery time when placing the order, he can coordinate with the manufacturer's customer service staff to coordinate a mutually satisfactory delivery plan.

The above are some of the conditions that professional PCB manufacturers should have in Shenzhen PCB circuit board manufacturers. I hope it will be helpful to you.