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Why can PCB circuit boards be widely used?

The reason why PCB circuit boards can be used more and more widely is because PCB circuit boards have many unique advantages, which are roughly as follows:

High-density: For many years, the high-density of printed boards has been able to develop correspondingly with the improvement of integrated circuit integration and the advancement of mounting technology.

High reliability: Through a series of inspections, tests and aging tests and other technical means, it can ensure that the PCB works reliably for a long time (usually 20 years).

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Designability: The requirements for various properties (electrical, physical, chemical, mechanical, etc.) of the PCB circuit board can be achieved through design standardization and standardization. In this way, the design time is short and the efficiency is high.

Manufacturability: PCB adopts modern management, which can realize standardization, scale (quantity) and automatic production, so as to ensure the consistency of product quality.

Testability: A relatively complete test method and test standard have been established. Various test equipment and instruments can be used to detect and appraise the eligibility and service life of PCB products.

Assemblability: PCB circuit board products are not only convenient for standardized assembly of various components, but also for automated and large-scale mass production. In addition, by assembling the PCB and various other components as a whole, larger parts and systems can be formed to the complete machine.

Maintainability: As the parts assembled with PCB products and various components are produced in standardized design and scaled, these parts are also standardized. Therefore, once the system fails, it can be replaced quickly, conveniently and flexibly, and the system can be quickly restored to work.

PCB has some other advantages, such as miniaturization and light weight of the system, and high-speed signal transmission.

Therefore, PCB circuit boards have been widely used by the public, and the development of PCB circuit boards is getting better and better.

In order to become a green company-for a better world
We put forward the concept of "green culture", through green innovation, green procurement, green production, green operation, green service, green regeneration, green life, create green value, promote the construction of green culture, and actively fulfill corporate social responsibility. responsibility.
Sewage treatment, wastewater treatment
Waste water can be divided into more than 20 types according to the characteristics of products and pollutants, and 10 types of treatment systems are designed according to the characteristics of waste water. They are collected, processed and recycled separately.
Various systems have the characteristics of saving land, reducing energy consumption, and maintaining flexibility while ensuring processing functions, effectively recovering water resources and heavy metal resources.
Adopt high-efficiency processing equipment, multi-level processing, three-dimensional layout processing system and intelligent central control system.
Each sewage treatment plant is equipped with a professional water quality laboratory, and the water quality of each treatment system is regularly tested by dedicated personnel.
An online water quality/water volume monitoring device is installed at the waste water outlet, which is connected to the local environmental protection department for 24 hours to ensure that the waste water reaches 100% standards.
Waste gas treatment
According to the pollutant composition and the characteristics of the treatment process, each kind of production waste gas is divided into 12 categories for classified collection and treatment.