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With the rapid development of the Internet of Things technology, PCB technology has been unable to meet the needs of the times by the traditional methods of manual close-range control, detection and sampling. Instead, more intelligent and automated PCB technology has brought many conveniences to management and life. . In the process of this evolution, wireless communication technology plays a key role. It can solve the problems of remote control, remote monitoring and acquisition. As a low-power wireless communication technology, ZigBee technology is widely used in various scenarios.

In response to market development needs, UNGA Shiping launched a ZigBee Super Dongle solution based on NXP K32W061. The solution uses ultra-low power consumption, high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M4 wireless microcontroller, with on-chip Flash of 640KB, SRAM of 152KB, and ROM of 128KB. And the controller is equipped with a 2.4GHz BLE5 low-power transceiver and a transceiver that meets the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, as well as a comprehensive analog and digital combination of peripheral devices. This controller has ultra-low current consumption in wireless receiving and transmitting modes, and its power-down mode allows the use of button batteries for power supply.

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K32W061 supports network stacks such as ZigBee3.0, Thread, BLE5.0, etc., and can be debugged by downloading programs through the serial port and SWD interface, and the embedded flash memory of K32W06 supports over-the-air download (OTA) upgrade applications. In the package design, the product adopts a 6×6 mm2 HVQFN40 package with a pin pitch of 0.5mm. And it has up to 22 GPIOS interfaces, which can extend the application of Arduino interface through the adapter board.

Use K32W061 with the software Ubiqua, which can be used as a Sniffer packet capture tool. And it can be applied to safe low-power wireless projects, as well as smart lighting, smart door locks, thermostats, smart homes, wireless sensor networks and other fields.

Core technical advantages:

Ÿ The Arduino interface can be extended through the adapter board to extend the application and facilitate debugging;

Ÿ Support ISP UART, SWD interface to download and debug;

Ÿ It can be used as a ZigBee node device with software;

Ÿ Can be used with the software Ubiqua as a packet capture tool;

Ÿ Built-in 2.4 GHz transceiver, support ZigBee3.0, Thread, BLE5.0, ultra-low power consumption;

Ÿ 6×6mm HVQFN40, 0.5mm pitch;

Ÿ With Ntag function, reserved Ntag antenna interface;

Ÿ Pin-to-Pin NXP JN5189, can be used as MCU.

Scheme specifications:
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Ÿ K32W061 core Arm® Cortex®-M4 48MHz includes 640KB Embedded Flash, 152KB SRAM, 128KB ROM;

Ÿ 1×NOR Flash 1MB, 1×FT230XS, 2×13pin Arduino Interface;

Ÿ 2×I2Cs, 2×SPI, 2×UARTs, 10bit×PWM, 1×DMIC, 1×QSPI, 22×GPIOs, 1×12bit ADC, 1×10bit DAC, 1×IR Module, 1×RNG.