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[Hot spot] PCB manufacturers say they are not worried about orders, but materials are in short supply

PCB industry players are generally happy to see the peak season effect, including new 5G machines, servers, electric cars, game consoles and other products
With the arrival of the traditional peak season for sourcing goods, PCB manufacturers are generally happy to see the peak season effect, including new 5G machines, servers, electric vehicles, game consoles and other products. The repeated development of the epidemic has also forced industry players to keep an eye on whether the market has changed, as well as the production and demand conditions of the overall industrial chain.

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The legal person said that the momentum of pulling goods will start, and the supply chain will be expected to heat up in the second half of the year. If customers' lack of material interference can be slowed down, the performance is expected to grow further. For example, there are Taiwan Optoelectronics (2383), Zhending (4958), Taijun (6269), Huatong (2313), Taihong (8039); servers related to Taiwan Optoelectronics, Lianmao (6213), Tripod (3044), Jinxiang Electric (2368); Automotive plate factories include Tripod, Trident (4927), Hi-Tech (5439), Jingpeng (2355), Dynamic (6251), etc.

From the perspective of the automobile market, after the global auto market reversed at the end of last year, demand continued to strengthen. In particular, global environmental awareness has risen, coupled with the favorable policies of various countries to formulate the time limit for the exit of fuel vehicles, the trend of accelerating the growth of electric vehicles is clear. Most of the auto sheet manufacturers are optimistic, and the demand for auto sheet will remain strong in the second half of the year.

Jing Peng said that in the second half of the year, neither demand nor orders are a problem. The main reason is that there are still bottlenecks in the automotive supply chain that need to be broken through, such as the shortage of automotive chips. Although July has improved compared with the first half of the year, it still cannot meet the strong demand. In addition, the epidemic has caused There is a shortage of labor, and the work rate in Europe and the United States is still not ideal. On the whole, the strong demand in the automobile market remains unchanged, but external challenges still need to be continuously observed.

Laptops and servers are also in strong demand, but there are also products that suffer from long and short materials. Regarding laptops, the industry pointed out that since the second half of last year, noise in the laptop market has always existed. The demand for repairs and the shortage of key components. PCB manufacturers can only keep an eye on customer material conditions and allocate orders flexibly. Production.

Judging from the current outlook for the second half of the year, although the education type of Chromebooks is weakening, the demand for business, e-sports, and customers to push new models is still there. Back to the office also drives the increase in desktop purchase demand, plus Europe and the United States. There is also demand for distribution during festivals and promotions. Overall, computer-based PCB shipments are expected to maintain steady growth.

In terms of servers, thanks to the launch of two new CPU platforms, Intel and AMD, as well as the unabated strength of major technology manufacturers in investing in servers and data centers, server board shipments continued to grow this year. The legal person said that the infrastructure needs of the 5G high-frequency and high-speed network environment remain unchanged, including the demand for high-end servers and high-end switches. Even 5G base stations are expected to recover in the second half of the year. In addition, in response to the next generation of customers' needs, Like Intel’s Eagle Stream platform and 800G switch, there are already board manufacturers in the process of proofing and certification.