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Fully automated flying probe test for PCBs within 30 square meters without fixtures

 the lead in launching a fully automated flying probe test solution for PCBs within 30 square meters without fixtures

   Flying probe test is the latest solution to the current circuit board electrical performance test. Flying probe testing does not require test fixtures, it is convenient to test, saves test costs, saves time for making test racks, and improves shipping efficiency. It is an indispensable test equipment for circuit board manufacturers.

In recent years, the automation trend of the PCB industry has become more and more obvious. In the field of flying probe testing, Nanjing Xiechen took the lead in launching a fully automated flying probe test solution for PCBs within 30 square meters without fixtures-the flying probe tester V10, equipped with 8 flying probes. The needle probe can be matched with a robotic arm, and can be docked with AGV, etc., which is highly automated and intelligent.
01 PCB within 30 square meters without fixtures
Fully automated flying probe test
Everyone in PCB knows that the flying probe tester is mainly used for the testing of prototypes and small batches. The “flying probe tester for less than 10 square meters” is also generally accepted by the industry and has become a consensus in the industry. V10 breaks this limitation, "Flying probe testing machine for less than 30 square meters" has been upgraded to "Flying probe testing machine for less than 30 square meters".

   At present, the common flying probe test machine on the market, with the robot arm, is difficult to realize the automatic test of large area PCB board due to the structure and the board feeding/removing path (facing the front of the testing machine). The V10 adopts the side board feeding/removing method, which overcomes the defect of easily interfering with the test table when feeding/removing the board from the front of a large-area PCB, and realizes the automated test of a large-area PCB.

pcb board

02 Realize flying probe information
  V10 can be docked with MES/EAP function modules to realize flying probe informationization and realize real-time communication of organic data between equipment, factories, and the cloud.

   First of all, V10 can provide data such as machine real-time status, real-time alarm information, real-time test results and statistical qualification rate.

  Secondly, it can interact with MES signals, including obtaining tasks and data issued by ERP, and automatically loading them to the testing machine, providing manual/automatic task module switching function, login authority management, etc.

   Again, it can realize the information traceability function, including LOT number information binding, PNL/PCS two-dimensional code and test information binding, automatic scanning of two-dimensional code functions, etc.

03 Equipped with robotic arm, fully automatic loading and unloading
  V10 can realize automatic loading and unloading. V10 can be equipped with a robotic arm to realize full automation of PCB board loading/unloading. The V10 adopts the method of side board feeding/removing. One robotic arm can cooperate with multiple V10s (4, 5, 6, 8 units can be matched, and the design is based on the difficulty of the product).

   For example, V10 can be arranged in a straight line, the robot arm reciprocates during the period, the driving mode is simple, easy to adjust, the structure design is simple and reasonable, and the efficiency is high.
PCB Flying Probe Tester V10 Automation Mode
04 It can be docked with AGV to realize unmanned transportation
  V10 can also be seamlessly docked with AGV trolleys to realize unmanned transportation. AGV can replace labor tirelessly engaged in heavy and repetitive work, and can realize intelligent product distribution, turnover, storage and other operations, with strong flexibility. V10 is connected to AGV, which effectively saves labor, reduces costs and realizes automation.

   In addition, V10 can also realize the automatic output of test data, without the need for data processing personnel. The structure is compact, the floor space is small, and the space is saved.
The automation and intelligence of PCB factories is the general trend. V10 is highly automated and intelligent, breaking the industry tradition, effectively solving the problems of full automation of PCB factory production and recruitment difficulties, while improving production efficiency and quality level. Therefore, V10 has won since its launch. It has won the favor of many first-tier manufacturers in the industry.