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The pcb factory teaches you how to purchase samples of electronic components

The pcb factory teaches you how to purchase samples of electronic components

  Pcb factory: Buying components, especially samples (small quantities) is a headache. It is good to have a stable supplier. If it is a new material, it will take a lot of thought to develop a new supplier. In view of this, I have some practical experience and experience in my procurement work for the past ten years. Now I have written it for the reference of beginners. I hope that the electronic industry elites will give corrections and supplements if there are deficiencies. Thanks!

   1. You have to figure out what you want to buy.

   The purchase of electronic components must be very clear about the appearance, model, performance and various important parameters of the purchased components.

  Personal experience: Buyers must be electronic professionals. If they don’t understand, they must go online to understand clearly. This is very important. The more amateurish you are, the more the business wants to defraud you.

The pcb factory teaches you how to purchase samples of electronic components

   2. Find an open, transparent, and honest website

   Use the search tool to search the website of "component sample retail" first, and then you can find some websites that specialize in samples (or small batches). Some websites will clearly mark the price, and some will not. If there is already a price tag on the website, it is the most trouble-free. Normally, the price is not listed. You must email or call one by one to contact the price. All information, including the name of the website, must be written down to facilitate future inquiries. It is best to use a larger notebook;

  Personal experience: If you are a novice, it is recommended to find websites with clearly marked prices. The more public information, the better. Transaction records, customer reviews, etc. are all important references. I am not very optimistic about Taobao's merchants. Good and bad are mixed. There is an independent component retail mall called Lichuang Mall, which is not bad (personal opinion).

  3. Many price comparisons, you have to appear "very professional".

   When you encounter some components that cannot be searched on one website, change to another website. When you encounter a special model that you can't find, consider replacing it with another model. Generally speaking, each component only needs to ask three or four dealers (not in the same area) to know the market price. This kind of quotation is usually the lowest price that the manufacturer can accept, and it is rarely possible to bargain; the quotations in the same region are not very different, and the quotations in different provinces are slightly different. Some models are also in the same region. The quotations of manufacturers are also quite different. Big; you can decide which component or several components to buy based on the total quotation analysis. In principle, you should minimize the number of purchases, the price will be correspondingly favorable, and the shipping fee will be the least; first you must sort your purchase list by type Open it (such as: diodes and transistors; resistors; capacitors; inductances; switches; wires; ICs; RAM, ROM; etc.), and then send a "purchase information" for each category, so that many manufacturers will take the initiative to come to the door Offer you an offer; this kind of offer is rarely fraudulent, because he thinks you are good at it. One thing to note is: the component name and model must not be wrong;

   4. Payment and delivery

   Usually the payment is first and then the goods are shipped. In my purchase records for several years, I have not encountered any scammers. You can send money with confidence.

   5. Inspection

  Inspect the goods immediately after arrival, first check the model number, and then count the quantity. As long as there are not many varieties purchased, there is generally nothing wrong with it. After that, random inspections are carried out to test important parameters. If there is an error, immediately call the other party to deal with it. I have almost never encountered quality problems with the components I purchased online, but only encountered the wrong delivery;

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