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What are the wiring precautions for HDI high-frequency PCB board?
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So what are the wiring precautions for HDI high-frequency PCB board with guaranteed quality?

1. In order to manage the electromagnetic force field between the insulating material and the adjacent wiring of the high-frequency PCB circuit board, it should be considered appropriate and use the high-performance insulated high-frequency PCB circuit board with the insulation number strictly controlled according to the level, and in order to reduce the return loss of the PCB The corners of the transmission line of the circuit board should also be considered suitable and a forty-five degree angle should be used.

2. In the wiring process of high-frequency PCB circuit boards, there is a tap inductance for the tip leads. It is necessary to prevent the use of all leaded components. Moreover, external mounting components should be used in the high-frequency background. At the same time, for signal vias to prevent via processing technology If lead inductance is generated at the via hole, it is strictly forbidden to use the via hole processing technology on the sensitive board.

3. In order to avoid the initiation of the three-dimensional electromagnetic force field on the high-frequency PCB circuit board during PCB wiring, the ground floor of Haobo should be provided and the model should be used to form holes to connect these ground layers together, and electroplating should be implemented. The operation should be deemed appropriate and use non-electric contact nickel plating or dipping instead of the HASL method, because the high solderability coating on the electroplated surface requires less leads and therefore helps to reduce background pollution.

4. Because the thickness and insulation properties of the solder mask of high-frequency PCB circuit boards are not confirmed, in order to avoid the solder mask material covering the entire surface from causing major changes in its electromagnetic force + ray, the solder dam should be used as much as possible As the electromagnetic force field of the solder mask.

The essential meaning of the above is the high-frequency PCB circuit board with guaranteed quality. It is the item of attention to the wiring. Because the selection of different materials and methods in the entire wiring process may affect the performance of the PCB circuit board, the wiring is implemented. During the operation, you should grasp the items related to the things you care about and perform operations. At the same time, for many people who need to buy, choosing to buy from good-service high-frequency PCB circuit board merchants can better guarantee the quality of products and services.

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high-frequency PCB

high-frequency PCB

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