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Domestic PCB has developed rapidly. Excellent companies of PCB manufacturers have emerged one after another

Domestic PCB has developed rapidly. Excellent companies of PCB manufacturers have emerged one after another
   Since the reform and opening up for more than 20 years, my country's PCB industry has benefited and developed rapidly. Due to the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer boards have achieved rapid development, and the domestic PCB industry has gradually developed from small to large. Due to the concentration of downstream industries and the relatively low cost of labor and land, China has become the region with the strongest development momentum. In 2002, it became the third largest PCB producer. my country's PCB development work began in 1956, and gradually expanded to form the PCB industry from 1963 to 1978. In 2003, PCB output value and import and export value both exceeded US$6 billion, surpassing the United States for the first time, becoming the world's second largest PCB producer. The proportion of output value has also increased from 8.54% in 2000 to 15.30%, an increase of nearly double. In 2006, China replaced Japan as the world's largest PCB production base and the most active country in technological development. my country's PCB industry has maintained a rapid growth of about 20% in recent years, which is far higher than the growth rate of the global PCB industry.


      From the perspective of output composition, the main products of China's PCB industry have shifted from single-sided and double-sided boards to multi-layer boards, and are increasing from 4 to 6 layers to 6 to 8 layers or more. With the rapid growth of multilayer boards, HDI boards, and flexible boards, the structure of my country's PCB industry is gradually being optimized and improved.  

      However, although my country's PCB industry has made great progress, there is still a big gap compared with advanced countries, and there is still much room for improvement and improvement in the future. First of all, my country entered the PCB industry late, without a dedicated PCB research and development institution, and has a large gap with foreign manufacturers in the research and development capabilities of some new technologies. Secondly, from the perspective of product structure, the production of medium and low-layer boards is still the main product. Although FPC and HDI have grown rapidly, their proportion is still not high due to their small base. Thirdly, most of my country's PCB production equipment relies on imports, and some core raw materials can only rely on imports. The incomplete industrial chain also hinders the development of domestic PCB series enterprises.

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    Among the domestic PCB companies, a large number of emerging outstanding companies have emerged in recent years, and Shenzhen PCB Copy Board Co., Ltd. is one of them.

     According to the reporter’s understanding, Shenzhen Circuit Board Copy Board Co., Ltd. is located in the World Trade Plaza, Fuhong Road, Futian District, Shenzhen. The total investment of the project is 250 million yuan, covering a total area of about 150 acres. Road, west to Jizhou Road, north to the planned road. The transportation is convenient.

    Newly build 5 PCB production plants and other main projects (with an annual output of 700,000 square meters of high-precision PCB production capacity), self-built wastewater treatment and discharge system 10,000 tons/day, power distribution system, pure water station, freezing station and ventilation and exhaust System, office building and staff dormitory and other related facilities.

    In the early years, circuit boards belonged to the high-tech industry, and most foreign companies controlled technology output, which once restrained and restricted the development and growth of the circuit board industry. According to a recent report by Time magazine, China and India are among the most polluted countries in the world. In order to protect the environment, the Chinese government has been strictly formulating and implementing relevant pollution remediation regulations, which have spread to the PCB industry.

     In terms of solving the pollution problem, Shenzhen PCB Copy Board Company has also played a very good role model. Shenzhen Circuit Board Co., Ltd. builds plant drainage pipelines in accordance with the principle of "cleaning sewage diversion, rain and sewage diversion, and wastewater reuse". Wastewater is treated with the process route of "wastewater diversion, classified treatment, purified water reuse, and metal recovery". The wastewater treatment adopts mature and stable technology, and is treated according to the principle of "branch classification". Improve the utilization rate of reused water and reduce the consumption of fresh water. With the aim of reducing costs and reducing pollution!

     I believe that with the steady development of the PCB industry, there will definitely be batches of outstanding companies emerging, and China's PCB will definitely make new achievements.