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Application of Printed Circuits Board(PCB)

PCB board is also called printed circuit board. Strictly speaking, printed circuit board is represented by PCB, not by "PCB board". PCB is the provider of electrical connection of electronic components and the core of electronic equipment. It can be of any shape or size, which mainly depends on the application of electronic equipment.

So, what are the Application of Printed Circuits Board(PCB) ?

As the most common substrate / substrate material of PCB, FR-4 usually exists in many electronic devices and is also the most common intelligent manufacturing. FR-4 (PCB) is made of glass fiber and epoxy resin and combined with laminated copper cladding. Some of its main applications: computer graphics card, motherboard, microprocessor board, FPGA, CPLD, hard disk drive, RF, LNA, satellite communication antenna feed, switching mode power supply, Android mobile phone and so on.

With the rapid development of printed circuit board industry, it plays an important role in medical equipment, industrial equipment, lighting, automobile and aerospace industry. The specific aspects of PCB board used in the following small series are analyzed.

1: Application of Printed Circuits Board(PCB) in medical equipment

The rapid development of medical science is closely related to the rapid development of medical science. Many microbial equipment and other equipment are independent basic PCB, such as pH meter, heartbeat sensor, temperature measurement, electrocardiograph, electroencephalogram, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray, CT scanning, blood pressure machine, blood glucose level measurement equipment, incubator and other medical equipment.

2: Application of Printed Circuits Board(PCB) in industrial equipment

PCBs are widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially those with high-power mechanical equipment, which are driven by high-power circuits. As a result, a thick copper layer has to be pressed on the top of the PCB, which is different from the complex electronic PCB, which has a current of up to 100 amperes. This is particularly important in the application of arc welding, large servo motor driver, lead-acid battery charger, military industry, clothing cotton machine and so on.

3: Application of Printed Circuits Board(PCB) in lighting

We see the surrounding LED lights and high-intensity LEDs, these small LEDs can provide high brightness light, are installed on the PCB Based on aluminum substrate. Aluminum has the characteristics of absorbing heat and dissipating in the air. Therefore, due to the high power, these aluminum circuit boards are usually used in LED lamp circuits, medium and high power LED circuits.

4: Application of Printed Circuits Board(PCB) in automobile and aerospace industry

We use a kind of PCB called Flex PCB, which is the most common reverberation generated by aircraft and car movement, in order to meet these high vibration forces and make PCB flexible. Flexible PCB is light in weight, but can withstand high vibration. Because of its light weight, it can reduce the total weight of spacecraft.

Even in a narrow space, flexible PCB can be adjusted, which is a great advantage of flexible PCB. These flexible PCBs are used as connectors and interfaces, and can be assembled even in a compact space, such as behind the panel, under the instrument panel, etc.

According to different types of PCBs, there are many aspects to be used. If you need to know more about PCB board, you can consult ipcb. ipcb focuses on PCB one-stop service, welcome to consult.