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Why are PCB boards usually green?
PCB News
Why are PCB boards usually green?

Why are PCB boards usually green?


Why are PCB boards usually green?

When engineers just started repairing, the printed circuit boards usually used were all kinds of printed circuit boards.

A prudent engineer can see that most common signs are green. Why? Paint is a technical requirement.

First, PCBs are coated with copper on both sides. In the production of PCBs, the copper coating, whether obtained by adding or shrinking, can also have an unprotected smooth surface, although the chemical properties of copper are not as active as aluminum, iron, and magnesium. But the pure copper between e is easy to oxidize.

There are oxygen and water vapor in the air in contact with oxygen in the presence of water. Therefore, the surface of pure copper is rapidly oxidized after contact with air.

Due to the high thickness of the copper layer in PCBs, copper oxide will become a harmful wire, which will greatly damage the electrical performance of PCBs.

In order to avoid the oxidation of copper, to separate the soldered and unsoldered parts during the soldering process, and to protect the surface of the printed circuit, engineers invented a special coating.

Why are PCB boards usually green?

The coating can be easily applied to the surface of the PCB to form a thick protective layer and block the contact between copper and air. The coating is called a solder-resistant coating, and the material used is a solder-resistant coating.

Green paint is usually green, because the green irritation is very low, production and maintenance personnel have been staring at the checklist for a long time, and the work is very difficult, so it is difficult to see the eyes.

Another reason is that the color that is usually used is green. Therefore, the green paint in the factory is the most important, so the cost of using green paint is lower.

High-end black version? The difference between black PCBs and PCBs, PCBs and other PCBs is that the color of the solder-resistant paint on the final pen is different.

Although the design and manufacturing process of the printed circuit are exactly the same, the color does not affect performance and heat dissipation. Regarding black body circuits, because their surfaces are almost fully charged, it is difficult to make and use colors, which is very difficult for future maintenance.

This will be lower than other color maps, so the price of black will be relatively higher.

The term "high-end or low-end color" appears because manufacturers like to use PCBs to make high-end products and use red, blue, butter, and other low-end products. All in all, the product shows the meaning of color, not the meaning of color.

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