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The third quarter of the peak season failed, PCB factory expansion slowed down

The third quarter of the peak season failed, PCB factory expansion slowed down

Many PCB factories resumed expansion of new factories this year. However, due to the economic impact, the production capacity of Jingcheng Branch (6191) Chuanyi Chongqing Plant was extended to this season, and it is expected to reach the full capacity of the first stage in September; ) Maintain the revenue growth target of 5-15% for this quarter, but the first phase of the new plant currently only opens the bottleneck capacity to support the old plant, and the integrated process from the front to the back has not yet been mass-produced, and it is later than expected.

Since Windows 8 did not drive the replacement wave as expected, the peak season effect in the third quarter was lost. Many NB factories revised down their annual NB shipment targets, which dragged down the expansion progress of upstream PCB board factories, and the production time point was also better than expected. It's too late.

In the fourth quarter of last year, Jingcheng Branch pointed out that due to the low-end impact of the NB industry, the first phase of the production capacity of the Chuanyi Chongqing plant was extended to this season. The current monthly production capacity is about 500,000 square feet. The company plans to The production capacity was increased to 600,000 square feet, which was later than planned.

According to Jingcheng Branch’s original plan, Chuanyi’s Chongqing production capacity was allocated to NB in priority to support local NB foundry demand. In the fourth quarter of last year, 600,000 square feet of production capacity should be invested, and another 600,000 square feet of equipment production capacity should be added in the second quarter of this year. Its total production capacity is 1.2 million square feet.

The full-process production capacity of the second plant of F-Tiding may also be delayed. Although F-Ting has not released the new production capacity, the company originally planned that the new plant's 500,000-square-foot capacity in the first quarter will be put into mass production in August. However, the timing has entered late August, and currently only the bottleneck segment equipment has been introduced into mass production, in order to support the old factory's production capacity first.

After the renovation of the old factory of F-Trident, coupled with the equipment support of the bottleneck section of the new factory, the production capacity of the old factory is expected to be increased. Therefore, F-Trident still maintains the internal target of 5-15% revenue growth for the quarter. The target of 10-15% growth in revenue has not been loosened.

Tripod (3044) Hubei Xiantao Plant has a relatively loose schedule for the second phase of production capacity. It will increase its production capacity from 400,000 square feet to 800,000 square feet in September and slower in October and the fourth quarter. Times.

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According to the industry, when the economy is low, the price of equipment will be lower, which is conducive to reducing the cost of plant expansion and is an excellent opportunity for expansion.
However, it is an indisputable fact that the economy in the second half of the year was worse than expected. Except for the fact that the soft board factory confirmed that the revenue of this quarter was better than the second quarter, the PCB hard board factory mostly held the view that the economy of this season will grow slightly to flat, and the peak season is not a foregone conclusion. .
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