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"Ice and Fire" in the industrial chain of the circuit board industry

"Ice and Fire" in the industrial chain of the circuit board industry
        This is a very common scene in the current circuit board factory, and even the current Chinese manufacturing industry. "Iron production lines, flowing workers." Although the term "labor shortage" was hyped up a few years ago, the personnel leaders in the factory Most are noncommittal. Workers on the assembly line have always come in and out, and they will be safe when they enter. The biggest headache for them is that the shortage of skilled workers in the circuit board industry does not match the technical requirements of the industry's refined development. The greater the contradiction, the deeper the gap. Many circuit board factories tend to move across cities and provinces to recruit talents, but often return without success. The phenomenon of "ice and fire" in the industrial chain of the circuit board industry is becoming more and more serious.

Confessions of general workers on the production line

      After that, the author followed Manager Chen into their production workshop. The workshop was lit with bright incandescent lamps, and various materials were piled on the ground. There was a faint smell similar to acetic acid in the air. Several young boys were lowering their heads and working hard, and found that Manager Chen came in with a stranger. Afterwards, they looked at each other and smiled inexplicably, and continued to work.

      The author interviewed a slightly immature boy at the end of the workshop. He told the author that what he was in charge of was the silk-screen printing process, and the work was not difficult. At that time, he learned from familiar old employees and got started soon. Although the job is simple, doing the same thing for nine and a half hours every day from morning to night is "a bit annoying," he said.
      It is understood that the boy’s hometown is in Guangxi, and the conditions at home are not very good. Although he is only 21 years old, he has changed many jobs. He has tried all of woodworking, hardware and hotel attendants. Now he has done this job. More than years. Asked about his plans for the future, the shy boy was a little confused, "I don't know what the future will be. But I plan to go back to my hometown to develop. I don't want to stay in the factory for a lifetime."

      Most of the young people on the assembly line are like this boy, numbly doing the work at hand every day, never thinking about the future, let alone learning the technology of the circuit board, and becoming an engineer.

pcb board

Interviewee: HR director of the main HDI company

      The flexible circuit board is still little known

      On June 26, the author visited a large-scale talent market in Shajing. This Wednesday, it coincided with the circuit board talent recruitment special. Recruiters and applicants from various places crowded the talent market of more than 200 square meters.

      Before the author interviewed a recruiter from a FPC company, two girls with dyed yellow hair asked him: "Are you recruiting workers for mobile phone covers?" When the answer was "flexible circuit boards" At that time, they murmured "What is the circuit board?" and moved away and went to the next recruiting position.

      The recruiter smiled at the author and said flatly, "Although each of us will use circuit boards more or less in our lives, there are very few people who really know circuit boards, and even fewer know our flexible circuit boards."

      Flexible circuit boards have only been developed in recent years. This cake is fresh and delicious. The factories manufacturing flexible boards have sprung up like bamboo shoots all over the Changjiang and Pearl River Deltas. There are more and more factories, and the demand for talents is increasing, but China's flexible board has only developed in just a few years, and the technical talents in this area are far from reaching the demand.

      "I am here today to recruit technical engineers, but the effect is not very satisfactory. Not to mention the applicants, not even many inquiries."

      Regarding how to retain talents, the recruiter is very frank and direct: "The salary should be high, and the benefits should be good." He said that in a professional environment that is not a lifelong system, in addition to the prominent corporate culture, it affects employees to stay. The most critical factor is welfare. It is understood that in order to increase its attractiveness, the company has also set up a "dividend system". At the end of the year, the company will allocate a certain percentage of profits to outstanding employees.


      Interviewee An engineer from a medium-sized circuit board company

      There are a lot of horses

      In the bustling talent market, the Shiyun circuit board factory in front of us looked like a rainbow. Only four recruiters came. They sat on the bench and waited, hoping to recruit a group of Chollima back here.

      However, the situation is not as optimistic as they expected. One of the engineers interviewed told the author that they came to Shenzhen from Jiangmen to participate in this special circuit board talent recruitment because it is located at the junction of Shajing and Fuyong. Factories are dense,

     Talents in this industry should also be relatively concentrated. But in terms of today’s recruitment situation, it’s not so ideal. There are not many people who submit resumes, and fewer people who submit resumes are really real. They finally interviewed one or two people with relevant work experience and skills. When I heard that the factory was in Jiangmen, I made excuses.

      The engineer said that the treatment given by their factory is pretty good. Ordinary technical engineers get 4,500 yuan a month when they enter, including food and accommodation. In a third-tier city like Jiangmen, it is more than enough. I did not expect to be in the job fair. "Cold" on the Internet. He told the author that he climbed step by step from an ordinary worker to the position of an engineer, but there are not many people like him in the factory, and most of the technical engineers are recruited from outside. He explained to the author that "the circuit board industry is developing rapidly, and only by constantly recruiting talents from various circuit board factories can we learn from the talents of hundreds of companies to maintain the vitality of the factory."

      As for ordinary workers, he said that the annual turnover rate of the factory is about 10%, which has not yet constituted a labor problem.

      Interviewee Human resource managers of large circuit board factories

      Caring for employees to the smallest detail

      This is a very young HR manager. He is not very old and has a short working experience. During interviews, he almost always says "We Shenzhen Union". He is full of pride in his words, as if he has great honor.

      Talking about the recruitment of talents, Manager Liu said that Shenzhen Union’s general workers, technical engineers, workshop technicians and other types of workers are relatively stable. After this year, Shenzhen Union’s rework rate will reach 95%. Manager Liu showed the statistical table he was holding to the author. There were more than 1,200 employees in Shenzhen Union, and only 14 of them did not return to work after the year. This is extremely rare in highly mobile manufacturing factories.

      "Workers do not come back to work, we will specifically investigate the reasons for their resignation." Manager Liu said, "This allows us to sum up experience and continuously improve the company's employee system."

      In terms of technical talents, Manager Liu introduced that most of the technicians on the Shenzhen Union Industrial Line are trained internally, and the proportion of external recruits is less than 10%.

      During the visit, Manager Liu had to deal with some problems of the new factory in Jiangxi. He left twice in the middle of the trip. He said that the new factory of Shenzhen United in Jiangxi will be completed soon, which will be a new page for Shenzhen United. Regarding the issue of talents after the new plant is put into production, Manager Liu said, “We don’t worry about general workers. The recruitment of technical talents may take some thought.”

      According to Manager Liu, Shenzhen Union has been constantly improving its employee welfare system in order to retain talents and increase talent absorption. In addition to basic salary and overtime, there are more than 20 logistical benefits, including job allowances, skills allowances, high temperature allowances, holiday subsidies, etc. The company also operates a staff canteen at its own expense, so that employees can Eat a healthy and delicious meal.” It is understood that Shenzhen Union would spend more than 100,000 yuan every month just to cover the expenses of the staff canteen. Later in the evening

At that time, the author followed Manager Liu to the dining hall of Shenlian, and unexpectedly met several senior executives of Shenlian. Together with the ordinary employees, they enjoyed the meals produced by Shenlian Canteen-a combination of meat and vegetables. , The soup was scooped by oneself, watching the TV program in the dining hall, it seemed very comfortable.

      After the interview, the author went to the staff dormitory building of Shenzhen United. In the dormitory building, there are a lot of library, TV room, gymnasium, air-conditioning, washing machine, and drinking fountain. What is breathtaking is every floor. The dormitory building has prepared a small grooming room with mirrors and hair dryers. This factory pays attention to the employees to the details in their lives.

The author's notes:

      After investigating from small circuit board factories with dozens of people to large-scale circuit board companies with thousands of employees, it is not difficult to find that the "labor shortage" that has been hot in the past few years is not manpower, but talent. And this kind of shortage is particularly serious in manufacturing industries such as circuit boards.

      Industry professionals have analyzed that there are many reasons for the lack of such talents. First of all, the pcb circuit board industry is not like the hot industry of the financial industry, and the attachment effect is not strong. There is no room for selection.

      Second, although the circuit board industry is grouped into one big industry, almost every company is different. Even if it supplies similar products, the technology is very different and the versatility is very small. This has led to engineers already working in a certain company. Skilled trainees, but after going to another company, they are nothing. You need to start over. The particularity of this industry greatly restricts the growth of talents;