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What are the advantages of the PCBA foundry model?

What are the advantages of the PCBA foundry model?

The PCBA foundry substituting model is a development direction of the current electronics manufacturing and processing industry. Compared with the traditional SMT processing, which specific advantages are there, this article will give you a detailed analysis.

1. Reduce processes and reduce business management costs.

In the traditional mode, electronic engineers often design circuit diagrams and provide Gerber files and BOM lists to the purchasing department. The purchasing department finds the corresponding PCB board manufacturers and electronic material suppliers based on the Gerber files and BOM lists provided by the engineers, and then finds SMT The whole process is very complicated and consumes manpower and material resources. If you choose the PCBA foundry mode, you only need to send the Gerber file and BOM list to the PCBA processing plant. This saves purchase costs and material management. Cost, employment cost, time cost, site cost. The process is also more convenient to manage.


What are the advantages of the PCBA foundry model?

2. Advantages of procurement channels, reducing procurement costs.

    PCBA processing plants often have the advantage of centralized procurement, have their own complete supply chain system, and the delivery date, price, and quality of various materials are more guaranteed. When necessary, you can stock up in advance to avoid the risk of out of stock and save time and cost.


3. The quality management system is perfect, and the product quality is guaranteed.

    PCBA factory has a complete quality management system to control product quality, DFM manufacturability inspection, NPI new product introduction meeting, IQC incoming material inspection, IPQC process inspection, FAI first article inspection, OQA factory inspection, these different stages of inspection Product quality assurance plays a decisive role. Early detection, early improvement, and early resolution. At the same time, PCBA factories will also pass ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO13485 medical certification, IATF16949 certification, SGS certification and other certificates to enhance the factory's hard power , To better serve customers.


4. The whole process is customer-led, and more right to speak.

Compared with the SMT processing model, the PCBA foundry model has higher customer stickiness. The customer knows exactly what the product they want and what functional testing needs to be done, so the whole process is led by the customer, and the PCBA processing plant provides the technology Help, so that customers have a stronger voice in the manufacturing plant and can enjoy better delivery services.


5. Provide process optimization plan.

Under the PCBA foundry substituting mode, the PCBA processing plant can provide a series of supporting services such as supporting DFM manufacturability inspection, PCBA test plan formulation, mass production process yield optimization plan, etc., and develop different optimization plans according to different customers. Provide test opinions, improve product straight-through rate, and consider customers wholeheartedly. The SMT patch processing mode only thinks about how to complete the soldering of the patch plug-in as soon as possible, and does not consider process optimization.


6. Perfect after-sales service.

In the traditional SMT patch processing mode, the factory is only responsible for the quality of the soldering part of the patch plug-in, which leads to problems that are difficult to troubleshoot and deal with after the product is proofed. However, in the PCBA foundry mode, generally have after-sales service, including fault diagnosis , Maintenance, testing, design plan modification feedback, etc., can better optimize products and improve quality.


In general, the PCBA foundry and material replacement model can effectively reduce the management cost of the enterprise, reduce purchasing expenses, and improve product quality. With a better service spirit, the company can focus on the market and products. Improve your core competitiveness.