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How does PCB break the manufacturing bottleneck under the

 In recent years, despite the various changes in the global economy, the printed circuit board (PCB) industry has continued its low growth trend. In 2016, the global economic recovery was still slow, coupled with the sharp decline in the growth rate of the smartphone market, the growth engine of the electronics industry, how can the already sluggish PCB industry find new development impetus? With the development of PCB stowards high-density interconnect (HDI) boards, IC carrier boards, rigid-flex boards, multi-layer boards, etc., what other production technology bottlenecks need to be broken?


  As the world's leading provider of process innovation technologies, solutions and equipment for the electronics manufacturing industry, Orbotech believes that the global PCB industry will continue to grow slightly in 2016, and the overall growth rate is expected to be between 1% and 2%. China is an important PCB manufacturing center in the world, and its growth rate will be higher than that of the global industry, and each market segment can reach 3% to 5%. Despite the slowdown in the growth of the smartphone market, the growth rate for the whole year of 2016 can still be maintained at 3%-5%, and the HDI board closely related to its manufacturing industry will also grow at the same time. In addition, this year's extremely hot cars and other applications such as the Internet of Things (IOT) have also begun to use HDI technology, and the market segment will further expand. With the rapid development of the market, market competition has become increasingly fierce. How to control costs, solve yield and output problems, and realize automation and intelligent manufacturing in the production process has become particularly important. Orbotech followed the market development trend and relied on years of technology precipitation, and exhibited a number of revolutionary solutions at the 12th East China Circuit Board and Surface Mount Exhibition (CETX-2016) held recently.

At present, the size of electronic products is getting smaller and smaller, but the functions are becoming more and more abundant. In the high-end HDI and complex multi-layer board design, the cost pressure is increasing. To this end, Orbotech has launched the industry's only and innovative automatic optical shaping (AOS) one-stop solution-Precise 800. According to reports, Precise 800 can significantly improve the PCB yield rate by 3D forming of multiple copper and copper deficiency, and it can almost avoid the scrapping of advanced HDI designs less than 40 μm. This one-stop solution for 3D forming can help manufacturers save costs, while reducing overall cost of ownership and quickly realizing return on investment.
How does Wuxi PCB break the manufacturing bottleneck under the "new normal"?

   Graphic transfer imaging is one of the important processes in PCB manufacturing, especially the current high-density and thinning of circuit graphics, and imaging equipment is even more important. Orbotech has responded to market demand by launching new direct imaging (DI) family members Nuvogo780 and Nuvogo750. While maintaining Orbotech's mature and unparalleled imaging quality, it can also be reduced through superior productivity and effective job queue management. Customer's single printing cost. Regarding the difference between the two, Orbotech stated that Nuvogo 780 is used to promote Orbotech's high-energy multi-wavelength laser technology, while Nuvogo 750 is optimized for PCB manufacturers using 405nm resist.
In recent years, smart devices have changed with each passing day in terms of appearance and function. The market has increasingly strong demand for PCB flexible boards that can be bent, folded, wound, and twisted without damaging the wires. However, production capacity and processing are also facing huge demands. challenge. Orbotech has specifically launched a new CAM solution for the flexible circuit board market-InCAM Flex, which has obvious advantages in manufacturing capacity inspection, DFM optimization and high-speed impedance line optimization.
According to reports, InCAM Flex includes more than 900 kinds of PCB/FPC inspection functions, which are compatible with high-volume production standards. It can provide fast and high-precision CAM tools for manufacturers of flexible boards and rigid-flex boards, and can be mass-produced The editing function to realize the optimization of the flexible board design, which is suitable for manufacturing. Combining powerful soft-board CAD tools with automated soft-board imposition, InCAM Flex brings major benefits to enterprises-increasing productivity while realizing a fast operation cycle.
Under the "new normal" where challenges and opportunities coexist in the PCB industry, Orbotech has provided a series of overall solutions for the PCB manufacturing industry through advanced technology. While improving quality and flexibility, it continues to increase production capacity and reduce manufacturing costs. Complexity and cost promote the progress and development of the PCB industry.