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Brief introduction of PCB circuit board laser marking machine technology

PCBlaser marking machine is a special model specially used for marking bar codes, two-dimensional codes, characters, graphics and other information on printed circuit boards. It integrates high-performance CO2/Fiber light source, high-pixel imported CCD camera, and micron-level mobile module to realize automatic positioning before coding and automatic reading and rating after coding.

printed circuit boards

  The machine can realize the docking with customer information system through self-developed special software. The marking information can be automatically generated by the software system, and can also be received through the network. It can cooperate with smt production line to operate online, and it can also cooperate with automatic loading and unloading machines to form an offline workstation.

According to different customer needs, Bot Laser has three configurations of PCB marking machines for customers to choose: single laser head processing system corresponds to PCB single-sided marking; double laser head processing system and single laser head flipping processing system correspond to PCB board Double-sided marking.


   1. Imported high-performance CO2/Fiber laser, with good beam quality, small focused spot, and uniform power distribution;

   2. High-precision imported CCD realizes automatic positioning, code reading and rating;

  3. The gantry structure is adopted, and the structure of the whole machine is firm and stable; the guide rail adopts synchronous belt transmission to ensure the service life and operation accuracy of the equipment;

  4. With different products, it can realize automatic focusing and automatic adjustment of track width, reducing the time for changing lines.

  Application field: This machine is suitable for online or offline marking of various PCB boards.

The above is the introduction of PCB circuit board laser marking machine technology. Ipcb also provides PCB manufacturers and PCB manufacturing technology.