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SMT motor overload analysis

Symptoms of motor overload encountered during SMT production and their solutions


         Kunshan SMT motor overload mainly has the following symptoms:

  1. The motor current exceeds the rated value; the temperature rise of the motor exceeds the rated temperature rise, and the amount of heat generated by the motor increases greatly;

   2. The motor speed drops;

   3. The motor has a low beep;

   4. If the load changes drastically, the motor speed will rise and fall;


  Electrical reasons: such as phase loss, voltage exceeding the allowable value, etc.;

   Mechanical reasons: such as excessive torque, motor damage (bearing vibration), etc.;

   Failure reason and treatment method:

  (1) When the load is too heavy, consider appropriately reducing the load or replacing the motor with a suitable capacity.

   (2) If the power supply voltage is too high or too low, a three-phase power supply voltage stabilizer compensation cabinet must be installed.

  (3) The SMT motor is severely damp or corroded by corrosive gas for a long time, and the insulation resistance is reduced. Should be based on specific conditions, overhaul or replace enclosed motors of the same capacity and specifications.

  (4) Bearing lack of oil, dry grinding, or rotor mechanical misalignment, causing the motor rotor to sweep the bore, causing the motor current to exceed the rated value. Firstly, check the wear of the bearing carefully. If it is unqualified, replace the new bearing; secondly, clean the bearing and inject an appropriate amount of grease. Then check the end cover of the motor. If the center hole of the end cover is worn and the rotor is out of center, the end cover should be processed or replaced.

  (5) The transmission part of the mechanism fails, which causes the motor to overload and burn out the motor windings. Check the failure of the mechanical part and take measures