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What are the advantages of SMT

What are the advantages of SMT
SMT patch refers to the abbreviation of a series of process processes that are processed on the basis of PCB. SMT is surface mount technology (Surface Mounted Technology) (abbreviation of Surface Mounted Technology), which is the most popular one in the electronic assembly industry. These technologies and processes are also emerging industrial manufacturing technologies and processes.

The electronic components are quickly mounted on the PCB, thus realizing high-efficiency, high-density, high-reliability, and low-cost automated pcb production. Let's analyze in detail the advantages of SMT patch and what benefits it can bring to enterprises.

The advantages of SMT patch are as follows:
1. Small size and light weight

The volume and weight of SMT components are only about 1/10 that of traditional plug-in components, which is easy to mount. Generally, after SMT is used for processing, the volume of electronic products can be reduced by 40%-60%, and the weight can be reduced by 60%. ~80%.

2. Increased efficiency and reduced cost

SMT patch processing is easy to realize automation, improve production efficiency, save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc., and reduce costs by 30% to 50%.

3. High reliability and strong earthquake resistance

pcb board

4. Good high frequency characteristics, reducing electromagnetic and radio frequency interference

5. Low solder joint defect rate

6. High patch assembly density

With the gradual rise of labor costs and production costs, the competitive market is becoming more and more fierce, and the living space of enterprises is constantly being squeezed. If you want to survive and develop well, you must achieve production efficiency and product quality at the upstream level of the industry. Therefore, the use of SMT patch technology can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce costs, while ensuring quality, to a large extent, saving raw materials, production energy, production equipment, labor costs, production time, etc., and can improve industry competitiveness. With the development of science and technology, the volume of electronic products is getting smaller and smaller, which puts forward higher requirements for SMT.
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