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Continental PCB factory actively covers IC card and card HDI:


Continental PCB factory actively covers IC card and card HDI:

China PCB industry in copper foil continuously upstream and copper foil substrate (CCL) to the downstream PCB build the entire supply chain, due to the plant from mainland mark near the support, China's technological capacity of the PCB supply chain promote quickly, equipment suppliers, according to a recent mainland charging PCB manufacturer IC increasingly active and higher high-density card order ( HDI), not only a part of the test factory passed the mainland IC load Council in the field of higher order Netcom also seen on the plant, although current notebook (computer) consumer electronics card is always the factory around the world, but China PCB industry has accelerated across the foot of products with high added value, fear will bring great threat p our Taiwan factory factory.Mainland brand such as Lenovo, ZTE, HuaWei, TCL force continues to grow, and combined with the support of the continental policy, actively establish its own PCB supply chain of traditional map, rolled on upstream of the copper foil and the copper foil substrates (CCL) and a flexible substrate of copper foil (FCCL) raw materials, such as, in spite of all PCB industry supply exceeds demand, but 'supply chain relaxation action in mainland PCBs remained unresolved.